This article was posted on Thursday, Sep 01, 2016

Literally, bed bugs are on the hunt for a food supply, and unsuspecting people are the main entrée for these blood-sucking creatures.  Bed bugs are wingless insects, oval in shape.  These creatures range in color from brown, or rusty red to almost white.  One out of five people in the U.S. are in contact with someone who has or has had bed bugs.  It is nearly an inevitable situation owners of apartment buildings will have to face.

Bed bugs can dwell in bedding, mattresses, and freely travel to unsuspecting locations by suitcase and boxes.  The plague of bed bugs can involve wall cavities, carpets, and furniture. Property owners are obligated to provide the best protection from any bed bug infestation.

Renters are entitled to have a peace of mind by simply knowing they’re off the menu for a bed bug invasion.  This can be accomplished by establishing a protocol for eradication of the incursion of bed bugs.

Apartment owners providing rental leases and agreements should especially be proactive in adapting an eradication program.  According to a recent university research, bed bugs are already showing resistance to powerful, professionally applied pesticides.

In addition, not all pesticide methods and applications are lethal enough to kill the bed

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bug eggs. Therefore, knowledge is the key to understanding how to wipe out the blood-sucking pests.

For that reason, information is available to learn more about non-toxic approaches for eliminating such pests and their eggs.  Some additional sources for fact finding information can be found on the websites of the California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Health Services. Such methods employed should be from successful, licensed and experienced companies.

One outstanding option is the patented cutting-edge technology of specialized heat treatment for killing bed bugs wherever they’re hiding. ThermaPureHeat® is a superior solution to eliminate bed bug infestations. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure, the technology kills bed bugs wherever they are hiding, something many other treatments cannot achieve in a single treatment. ThermaPureHeat® will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs. This is an important fact given that not all current pesticide control methodologies kill bed bug eggs. This means that oftentimes ThermaPureHeat® can eradicate the entire bed bug population in a single treatment.

There is considerable documentation citing the temperature and time correlations necessary to kill bedbugs and their eggs. Several sources (Usinger 1966, Gulmahamad 2002, Quarles 2007) report that adults and nymphs die within 15 minutes at temperatures greater than 113ºF and 60 minutes to kill eggs. Raising room temperatures above the thermal death point and maintaining that temperature for several hours normally eliminates a bed bug infestation.

The temperature required to kill bedbugs and their eggs fall well within the temperature ranges achieved by ThermaPureHeat®. The low thermal death point of bedbugs allows ThermaPureHeat® technicians to better adapt the process to the building and its contents while still achieving efficacy. Unlike many pesticides, ThermaPureHeat® will penetrate into all of the cracks and crevices and kill bed bugs where they reside. The process will force heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, wall cavities, etc. leaving no place for bed bugs to hide. This is important because adult bed bugs have been shown to live up to a year on a single blood meal, and may simply go to a small, dark space away from mattresses to live and reproduce.

The importance of decisive action based on a protocol for eliminating a rising nuisance and

possible health hazards among apartment communities is foremost among tenants and their loved

ones.  The obligation is beyond a legal one, it’s simply the humane and right thing to do.

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