This article was posted on Sunday, Aug 01, 2021

The people running our State/cities are living in a fantasy world.  Some of them really think that just because you own an apartment building, you have additional money to support another family by paying 40% or 50% of a tenant’s living expenses, which is their rent.  Other politicians are even more evil than that – these crooks want owners to lose their property so the city/State can buy cheap and move in the homeless!  There is Assembly Bill #1199, by Assemblyman Gipson, to tax large owners 25% of their building’s gross income! 

What better way to destroy our housing stock, increase homelessness and force owners to sell their buildings? The City of Los Angeles has already purchased about 20 properties!  Believe it! – they want your apartment building.  Laws are being proposed and passed that give them the first right of refusal whenever you or your heirs decide to sell your building.  They have already taken over control by just being able to get away with these past moratoriums!  (Get ready for an extension through the end of the year.  Hopefully this “protest” will help change their minds.)

Do Something About It

Please don’t be naïve.  Get off your duff and send out 100 “protests”.  They want your property and we need to stop them now before they go any further down this road of destruction!  These so-called “progressives” or socialists are just getting started and they are dead serious!

Tenants Want More!

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What they are trying to do to your tenants is make them dependent on these elected officials and they plan to use your building to do it!  They have already been using your building with rent control to buy tenant votes for the past 40+ years.  Now, the tenants are demanding that they do even more.   Don’t believe that the Governor is going to reimburse all past due rent without this “protest” and/or a lawsuit.


I know, “all your tenants have been paying their rent”.  However, those owners with lower income tenants have not been collecting the rent and you could be next.  Ron Paul, a former congressman, stated that there are estimates that approximately 20% of all tenants nationwide are behind in their rent and some in Congress already want all rent and mortgages to be forgiven.  Tenants are even protesting for permanent free rent.  If you look really closely, you’ll see that the signs they are carrying were printed and sponsored by the Socialist Party of America!  These ideas are being sponsored by the Bernie Sanders of the world!  Remember that they think they are “entitled”!   Can you believe it?!

Oppose Now or Pay Later

Please take part in the industry oppositions to these atrocities even if it has not yet affected you.  My friend, it will be coming if they are allowed to continue this drunken and illegal grab for properties with the excuse of using them for the homeless.  Keep in mind that they are talking about and aiming for your property!  Study history.  It’s happened many times before and this evil human nature is still instilled in today’s politicians.  Proof?  The demand for free rent and the fact that many providers have already lost control of their building AND their tenants!  If they get away with suspending rent payments, they can do anything they want to damage you.

Party Platform

Take note:   Tenant Welfare (Rent Control) is also instilled in the Democrats’ official political party platform!  Call them and demand an immediate change if you happen to be a Democrat.  You have an advantage right now as they will listen to one of their own.  Please use that advantage!

Do Something or Lose It All!

The choice is yours.  But you have got to take action seriously and personally to keep your property and your property rights.  If these politicians receive a couple of thousand letters from all of us, I assure you they will read one.  Those owners who choose to sit back and say that “one person or one letter will not make any difference” OR “I’ll let others do the fighting for me”, deserve to lose their rents AND their buildings! You may be doing just fine but other owners are suffering and they need your support now.  You never know what they will try to take away next.  We need to end this idea that moratoriums are ethical and legal! Will you help?

Let’s try persuasion one more time and then we’ll have to file additional lawsuits against the government to get back your lost rent AND property rights.  The future is now for your kids and grandkids!  So …


Protect Your Property NOW!  Here’s How:

  1.  Please join the big “Protest” today by sending the Governor the back page of this magazine.  Make copies and also send one to at least the mayor of your city and city councilmembers.  If you are really in love with our property rights, add county, assembly and senate members to your list.You can find their names and addresses by Googling it at “(your town) city councilmembers” or “(your county) board of supervisor members” or “California assembly members”, etc. 

    Also, include a copy of the letter following this article in addition to what you may want to write on the “Protest” form and I THANK YOU!

  2. Make sure that your membership in AOA is up-to-date. Please go to join.   To just get on the FREE AOA email list so that you will know what’s going on in the industry along with reading this magazine each month, go to and scroll down to the bottom.  You’ll see a little square on your right; enter your email and you’ll automatically receive all future emails free of charge.  (You can remove your name at any time.)  Also, you can download copies of the “Protest” and obtain more copies of the letter by going to  
  3.  Buy some “political insurance” to help protect your property.  Many owners spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying regular insurance and then forget about the values that they may lose by the actions of thieving politicians.  The best “political insurance” available is through your “Political Action Committee”.   How much should it cost?  How about $1,000 or $100 per unit?  That’s a very low price for insurance when you consider what could happen. It takes money (millions and millions of dollars) to file lawsuits and support campaigns when anti-housing laws are put on the ballot, like Propositions 10 and 21, that our industry defeated in the past AND will have to do again in the future … hopefully, with your support to win again!
    Please do not go “naked”!  Buy a little “political insurance” by donating to your AOA PAC today.  To donate online, go to  Thank you for your support!





Please, please help us stop all other elected officials from harassing housing providers!  These officials are guilty of contributing to the homeless problem, so please convince your colleagues that elected officials ARE the housing problem.   Housing providers are the solution!  Will you help others embrace housing providers instead of punishing and destroying them with all the anti-housing and/or all the anti-provider laws??  Let’s reward them for providing housing and thereby doing such a good job of reducing the number of homeless people.

You will agree that there are “housing providers” and “housing consumers”.  Now, stop and think… which group do you suppose is the most responsible for the housing shortage?  People who provide it or those who consume it AND those who pass unbearably restrictive laws that make housing scarce?  Kind of obvious, huh?  Sooo… why are we being blamed and punishedWhy are our life savings being redistributed to others?

Also, every college Economics 101 textbook teaches us that “rent control causes a shortage of housing”.  What’s wrong with our elected officials?  Why don’t they follow the science?  It’s been proven over and over again and again.  Rent control causes the destruction of housing!

Are our officials ignorant or are they just greedy for the tenants’ votes?  Do they not believe in our proven American Economic System of Free Enterprise, or do they really believe in Bernie Sanders’ socialistic dream of re-distributing wealth that has always failed every nation that has seriously tried this destructive system?  We cannot afford to cover another family’s living expense!  We’ll eventually lose all of our life’s savings.  We have already lost a large amount that we will never recover.  It’s hard enough to cover our own family expenses.

Please give us your answers as you will be reaching one of the largest groups of individually organized housing providers in the State.  If you prefer, we can even print your reply in our official AOA magazine.  Over 100,000 individual copies are mailed to housing providers every month who would appreciate you replying specifically to the above questions.


Thank you for considering these facts and maybe giving us some of your ideas.  


Best regards,