This article was posted on Friday, Jan 23, 2015

Okay everyone, we got them on video.  It is about to go wild…

There is a local landlord who became tired of the LAHD harassing him for the last ten years so he went to court and won.  The LAHD was furious that they were beaten in court so they went before another judge and convinced him to sign an administrative warrant so they could force their way into all the apartment in all of his buildings.

I think this is a gift from God. After you view this video, please share it with all your friends and politicians. I’ve been working on this video for more than a month.  It is 32 minutes long and you will be glad you saw it all.

Yes, while tenants were not home, the LAHD had a locksmith disable the locks so they could enter their apartments. There were tenants who were home but would not open the door for the LAHD.  The locksmith also disabled their  locks so the inspectors could just walk in. In one apartment that they broke into the lady tenant was taking a shower. When she came out with a towel wrapped around her she found seven guys walking around in different rooms of her apartment. Is this the new America?

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Apparently, the LAHD believes that the U.S. constitution does not apply to them.  They believe they have more authority than the police or the FBI because in order to enter a home or an apartment in the USA, law enforcement should have a warrant based on probable cause. The LAHD’s position is that they have the authority to enter every unit in the building, even without a warrant. This also applies to all the other cities that require inspections.

This is insane and according to our attorney some inspectors are misleading the judges who issue these warrants.  This type of warrant should be made illegal and thereby protect individual tenants. The LAHD is a renegade government agency here in the City of Los Angeles that does not listen to the Mayor or the City Council.  Could it be that because the LAHD generates so much money for the City that our elected officials don’t want to know too much about what is really going on?

Throughout the upper management there is a culture of ant-landlordism, originally brought in by Mercedes Marquez.  These people need to be weeded out, gotten rid of and hopefully end up in jail for their illegal actions.  For the longest time, we had no “hard proof” regarding the outrageous and illegal conduct of housing inspectors.  Now, we have them on video breaking into apartments.

When I arrived at the apartment building to video the LAHD committing this crime, they called the LAPD to prevent me from following them with my camera.  I proved to the Police Officers that I am in the media and the constitution says “freedom of the press”.  It does not say “if the LAHD is okay with it”.

I had been invited onto the premises by the owner.  After explaining much to the LAPD, I was allowed to enter the building by the Police and then the LAHD inspectors started screaming at me that they didn’t want to appear on video.  I ignored that.  The time for payback has arrived.   Over the next few weeks, I will doing my best to get this on the national media to show the entire country how much corruption there really is in L.A.  Maybe we can get the Feds to take notice???  Fun times are ahead.

Now we need to send this video around to everyone.  I’ve just started blasting the News Media.  For L.A. landlords, in a strange way, the good thing is that the LAHD is now attacking tenants and violating their rights.  If we can get a substantial amount of tenants angry at the city and once their voices are heard, it will shake up the city officials because having such a large voting bloc turn against them could end their political careers.  Sometimes one must fight fire with fire.

For decades, local politicians knew they could easily violate the rights of landlords with no down side because we are less than one percent of the population whereas renters are sixty-three percent. Getting elected in L.A. has had much to do with demonizing landlords and winning over the tenants.  Now we are on the road to waking up the tenants and causing them to realize that the LAHD does not respect them.   This strategy might give us widespread support among tenants and give us the power we need to force city officials to get rid of the top people at the LAHD who are evil and resent anyone who worked hard to achieve any measure of financial success.

I know there are people in L.A. who are making an effort to improve relations between landlords and the LAHD.  I respect their efforts but it is not going to work because the top people at the LAHD are evil.  They must be replaced.  I believe that evil is never satisfied.  You don’t make peace with it, you destroy it.  You fight it head on.

Please share this article and video on Facebook, Twitter, post it everywhere you can, send it to everyone you know in Los Angeles and other cities. Please send it to elected officials whose e-mail addresses you have. Imagine if Mayors and entire City Councils started receiving this link a few hundred times.   If we create a huge outcry, we will see some major changes.

Over the years, I’ve met many landlords who have plenty of opinions but don’t take any action to help us win this war.  Opinions do not win wars, getting involved and fighting hard does win wars.  Now it is time to do your part.  Get in touch with your inner warrior and go for it.

P.S. please share this video with as many friends and politicians as possible.