This article was posted on Sunday, Dec 01, 2013

Show Up Early

Many of the landlord tips I suggest are really common sense, but yet they aren’t done by landlords. This one regards meeting tenants for potential viewings.

When you have a tenant viewing booked, do you show up just moments before the tenants do? Or worse yet – after they do? Showing up early can mean all the difference between a successful showing or potentially losing the best tenant you’ve ever seen.

You never know what could be awaiting you and if you’ve booked a crowd of tenants to view the property, being early gives you time to right whatever is wrong. During spring or summer, it’s time to open those windows to freshen the place up.

This is also your preparation time to make sure everything is just right, the floors are clean, dust bunnies are in their pens, toilets are cleaned and flushed, all the lights are on to brighten the property and your property information ready to go. Being prepared can make all the difference, so you must also make sure you have a package of cleaning supplies, rags and air fresheners with you as well, just in case.

If you haven’t been to the property for a few days, it is an excellent time to spray some Febreeze around or plug in a couple Glade plug-ins to help air the place out. Make sure you pack some extra light bulbs just in case as well. With some of the modern fixtures you run into, (the new R20 or A16 or new halogen bulbs), you cannot be expected to carry all of them around, so if you do have any bulbs out, make sure to note this and bring them next time!

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Where we are located we have hard water issues and this makes checking the toilets a necessity. If toilets aren’t flushed regularly they quickly develop water marks. This is nothing a quick scrub can’t fix, but it’s also a great example of why you should show up early.

Advanced Tactics for Landlords

For the adventurous and to help create an even better environment for your rental, it never hurts to stop and grab flowers from a flower shop to put on display during your showings. This is especially helpful if your property is ideal for couples or families as it creates a homey look and smells nice. As an extra bonus you can take them home to your spouse after the showing!

If you are especially energetic, you can even pick up some of the cookie batters you just spoon out onto a baking sheet. The aroma of fresh baking is a fantastic way to increase the desirability of your property. Try this once and just watch the potential tenants’ faces as they are greeted with the scent of fresh cookies when they arrive. Tell me that doesn’t help push the popularity up of the property!

Your goal as a landlord at this time is to not just be a property owner, but also the best marketer of their property you can possibly be. Don’t forget your goal is to fill that property with the best possible tenants out there.

If you are just one of five places they are viewing that day you want yours to stand out, be memorable and be the one they not only want, but feel they need to live at! Being a landlord involves wearing many different hats, hopefully this landlord advice is helping you not only become a better landlord, but a wiser one as well.

Bill Biko has become “the Educated Landlord” through both training and the school of life. With almost a decades experience of land lording Bill’s been mentoring and assisting landlords for the last five years and you can find more of his tips and articles to make your life as a landlord easier, more profitable and less stressful at


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