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“When you hire the best, the rest is easy!”  We have heard this phrase many times, but how do we put this concept into action?  We know that hiring the best people is vital to the success of our business, especially in property management. And certainly, the residents who live in the apartments you manage have high service expectations.  So…how do you hire and keep property management superstars? Let’s start from the beginning.

The Job Description
Often overlooked, the job description sets the tone for success when hiring new people for your property management.  Start by making certain your job descriptions are accurate, up-to-date and reflect your expectations.  This is an important step, as it ensures consistency in your hiring practices and says your property management company is well run.
Tip From The Coach: During the initial interview, be certain to present the job description, so the applicant will have a clear picture of your expectations if your property management company does hire them.  This also helps to generate a more comprehensive conversation regarding the position being offered.

The Interview Game Plan
Prepare a detailed interview game plan, to be used by each person doing the interviewing for your property management company.  This game plan must include: how to evaluate a resume, sample questions to be asked during the interview process, a detailed presentation of compensation, how to do reference checks and any final hiring details (i.e. company benefits, policy and procedures, etc.).
Tip From The Coach: In addition to the in-person interview, consider the use of written tests and/or assessments to aid in your hiring process.  This is key for hiring property management superstars and will help to establish performance standards when hiring new employees.

Fast-Track Training
Develop a detailed training checklist for all newly-hired team members.  This should include:  an orientation for the first day, a plan for their first week, an outline for their first month, and a recap of the first 90 days that includes expectations for their performance on your property management team.
Tip From The Coach: By building a thorough and consistent training program, you will quickly develop top performers for your property management company, a “win-win” for all.

Grow and Groom
To hire and keep property management superstars, you must provide a career path to help your best people grow and to be groomed for additional responsibility.  This starts in the hiring process, so consider if the person you are hiring has the skills for their current position and might also have the skills for a next level promotion.  Then, identify your top candidates for promotion, and build additional training to keep their learning curve on the fast-track.
Tip From The Coach: Done properly, you will always have a “farm-team” of quality individuals ready and able to assume more responsibility with your property management company.  Now, that’s managing for success!

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So, follow these four steps and see how easy it is to hire and keep property management superstars! The Coach says so!! Want to hear more about this important topic or ask some additional questions? Send an E-mail to [email protected] and The Coach will E-mail back to you a free invitation to be a participant on a PowerHour conference call.

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