This article was posted on Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Glendale Landlords – there will be a City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 6pm to vote on a “Right to Lease” ordinance – aka “Rent Control”.  Alexanian Apartment Advisors published an article  and stated five key points they observed at the previous meeting:

1)  High likelihood that council will be voting to this coming Tuesday, February 12th at 6 pm. The unknown variable here is the allowance of the Mayor to take part in these proceedings.

2)  7% max allowable for 12 month term seemed unanimous for council.

3)  The “rent review” in the original draft, allowed owners who underwent major renovations to seek an increase over the 7%.  They are considering removing this component, which would suggest that any justifiable increase above the cap would trigger relocation fees (which are currently 3 to 6 months their current rent).

4)  Rent registry likely to be removed.  We made it very clear that this is a clear infringement on private property rights and a management nightmare. Initially they were requesting that owners register with the city the buildings they own, type of units, rent levels and when vacancies come about. 

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5)  1 year lease offered only if raising rents.  Initially, they talked about converting every month to month tenant to 1 new 1 year lease. Now it looks to be 1 year lease offered at time of increase where tenant goes month to month afterwards, until increase notice. 

From the same article, Alexanian Apartment Advisors “know first-hand and have communicated to council, that 98% of owners in Glendale typically raise less than 5% or less. In many cases, rents haven’t been raised in 5 years! If anything, Glendale has helped the affordability issue.”

Instead of “Right to Lease” they should call it “Right to Tenant Welfare” – paid for by current housing providers only!  That 7 percent is the same that LA started out allowing, but has been 3% for the majority of the last two decades.  It will only get worse as a result of the tenant vote.  As you know, the Council members’ main goal above all else is to be reelected.  That guarantees that they will eventually pass this very well thought out theft of our property.  Wish I could tell you that there is a way to stop it, but I’m afraid that this is just a repeat of what has and is happening all over the State.

If you want to make a difference in Glendale, email the city councilmembers and let them hear your voice:

Mayor – Zareh Sinanyan:  [email protected]

Councilmember – Paula Devine:  [email protected]

Councilmember – Ara Najarian:  [email protected]

Councilmember – Vartan Gharpetian:  [email protected]

Councilmember – Vrej Agajanian:  [email protected]

City Council Meeting 

Date:  02/12/2019 6:00 PM
Location:  City Hall
613 E. Broadway
Glendale, California 91206