This article was posted on Thursday, Dec 01, 2016

Apartment Owners, Business Owners and Community Leaders

Are Fighting Back to Protect Your Rights and Your Wallets!

In 2014 the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor, working with Labor Based Organizations passed an Ordinance impacting all commercial business, including apartment owners, in Los Angeles.

While the city picks up trash from residential and some smaller apartment units, commercial business owners were able to negotiate with the approximately 30-40 commercial trash pick-up providers for their commercial trash service. “The best service for the best price was the standard policy in Los Angeles for apartment owners.”

This Monopoly Will Cost You Big!

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With the passage of L.A. City Ordinance #182986, the city created 11 exclusive commercial trash zones and awarded the exclusive zones to a select number of trash companies. These companies, which number approximately seven, are the only companies who will be allowed to pick up the commercial trash within the zone once the city’s ordinance is enacted.

Those who were not union or did not have a Labor Peace Agreement with a union could not apply for a franchise zone.  Can you imagine what fees you will be paying in the future with this big monopoly?


Let’s Join Together and Stop Them

A group of community leaders, business owners, AOA and advocates for free enterprise joined forces to fight the attempt by L.A. politicians and labor organizations to create a closed monopolized-type system for commercial trash pickup in Los Angeles.

The Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles and the proponents of the ballot initiative worked to draft an initiative ordinance titled the “Non-Exclusive Franchise System for Solid Waste Collection”.

Our initiative ordinance, which will repeal several sections of the city’s ordinance, would allow trash companies and business clients to operate as before, without penalty or fees.

The Initiative Ordinance to repeal and replace the ordinance enacted by City of Los Angeles governing commercial trash collection and disposal was approved for circulation by the City Clerk on October 12, 2016.

The committee began collecting signatures on November 15, 2016 and will have 120 days to collect the signatures to qualify the initiative ordinance for the ballot.  Time is of the essence!

We have only four months to collect the 61,487 valid signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot. Yes, we will need more to insure the initiative qualifies. This will take time, money and effort. Our team is committed to do what is needed to succeed.


How Can You Help?

First, we need to raise money needed to print the petitions and get them into the hands of those who will be collecting signatures. This will include volunteers but we will need paid professional signature gathers as well.  If you can help by collecting signatures, by all means please contact David Hernandez at 818-448-3403.

Second, we need to have the resources to verify all signatures and cover the costs to complete our 120-day effort.

Third, we will need you to spread the word and bring others into the fight. We know we are doing what is right and best for all apartment owners in Los Angeles; but we cannot do it alone.

You can contribute two ways – first at our web site or complete and print this online contribution form and send it in with your check made payable to the Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles, c/o AOA, 6445 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite #300, Van Nuys, CA. 91411.


If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.

David Hernandez Lead Proponent & Executive Director, 818-448-3403 – ID # 1334520 –