This article was posted on Friday, Oct 01, 2021

ACTION:  LeBron James is playing a game against the Clippers.  He goes for a slam dunk and all the thousands of spectators cheer!  The Clippers then take the ball and do their thing at the other end of the court, tormenting James as they playfully pass the ball around and then make their slam dunk.  Nobody cheers!  You see … James is the only one on the court as all of his teammates sit on the bench and cheer for him, but do nothing to help win the game!  They are also complaining about that last shot that he missed.

ANALOGY:   The spectators and the players on the bench are housing providers.  James represents apartment owner associations and other organizations working for property rights.  James will lose just about every time until he gets some help from the many housing providers and conservative politicians who are sitting on the bench, doing very little to help him win the game.  

What are YOU doing?  Come on, it’s the second quarter and when you get off the bench or out of the bleachers, we’ll start winning this game!  Please do your part by joining the team and taking your place in the “Big Protest” now, before the game is over.  You can obtain the “game plan”, not by sitting on the bench, but by going to  

The following was written just for you by AOA’s own, Patricia Harris, Senior Editor of the AOA’s Buyers Guide:


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AOA’s Statewide Protest

By P.A. Harris

I looked at the new bill the city had sent,

While none of my tenants has even paid rent.

It’s going on two years that rent has been seen,

And I can’t do evictions since COVID-19.

Unit 5 has complained of a faucet that drips,

But when I send workers, she suddenly flips.

My worker informed me, “I can’t do the task”,

“She won’t let me in and I’m wearing a mask!”

The bills keep on coming, reserves are expended,

And again, the Moratorium has been extended.

But the ones calling this have no say, you see,

These laws can’t be made by the CDC!

Protecting the tenants has been their main fight,

While screwing the landlords involved in their plight.

The mortgage still due; utility bills,

I must keep on paying – for me there’s no frills.

My tenant in back works for NBC,

He makes tons of money, but can’t pay, you see,

He signed declarations that he’s been affected,

Now drives a new Lexus, while rent is neglected.

The cities and state show no mercy at all,

They say they have funds, but won’t return calls.

Yup, being a landlord was hard from the start,

They just made it harder; they’re not very smart.

Passing new laws that don’t help in housing,

With bad decisions and their Mickey-Mousing.

With respect to landlords, they don’t give a hoot,

Free labor and rent caps and free rent to boot.

There’s a statewide protest by AOA

For landlords to mail – DO IT TODAY!

Don’t sit and do nothing but sulk and complain,

Let’s get our rights back – JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.


If you are interested in getting into this “game” and/or discovering more about the “Big Protest”, please go to NOW and join all of the rest of us players!

AND “THANK YOU” to all who are no longer spectators and have gotten into the “big game”!  Keep it up by mailing them every month – don’t stop now folks; there are a bunch of political clowns out there who would love to extend their “free rent” moratoriums and not reimburse us for all of our lost rent.  Keep the Protest going!


    Here’s How:

    1. Please join the big “Protest” today by sending the Governor the protest form (click here for form).  Make a copy and also send it to at least the mayor of your city and city councilmembers.  If you are really, really concerned about your loss of property rights, add county, assembly and senate members to your list. You can find their names and addresses by Googling it at “(your town) city councilmembers” or “(your county) board of supervisor members” or “California assembly members”, etc.  Also, include a copy of the letter following this article in addition to what you may want to write on the “Protest” form.  Also, you can download copies of the “Protest” and obtain more copies of the letter by going to do it NOW.  Do something! I THANK YOU!
    2. Make sure that your membership in AOA is up-to-date. Please go to join.   To just get on the FREE AOA email list so that you will know what’s going on in the industry along with reading this magazine each month, go to and scroll down to the bottom.  You’ll see a little square on your right; enter your email and you’ll automatically receive all future emails free of charge.  (You can remove your name at any time.)  Also, you can download copies of the “Protest” and obtain more copies of the letter by going to  
    3. Buy some “political insurance” to help protect your property.  Many owners spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying regular insurance and then forget about the values that they may lose by the actions of thieving politicians.  The best “political insurance” available is through your “Political Action Committee”.   How much should it cost?  How about $1,000 or $100 per unit?  That’s a very low price for insurance when you consider what could happen. It takes money (millions and millions of dollars) to file lawsuits and support campaigns when anti-housing laws are put on the ballot, like Propositions 10 and 21, that our industry defeated in the past AND will have to do again in the future … hopefully, with your support to win again!


Please do not go “naked”!  Buy a little “political insurance” by donating to your AOA PAC today.  To donate online, go to  Thank you for your support!


Please do not wait another minute to join your team of housing providers by donating and also be sure to keep inundating those politicians with the letters.  Thank you for your support!