This article was posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017

Some Housing Providers Will Be Paying 100% More!!! 

     Shame on You, Los Angeles City Council!  Do you know that some housing providers have already received notices from their new City appointed trash haulers that their rates will be increased by at least 100%?!  You should know it – you passed this outrageous law!  You even promised us that the rates would be lower.  I guess you conveniently forgot to control trash rates like you control rents.  Could contributions from the haulers and Unions have something to do with it?

     You declare that we have a shortage of housing – we provide most of the solution by supplying the biggest share of housing in L.A.  We are the solution, not your problem! Why are you punishing us with this new trasit was collection monopoly?

Tenant Welfare

     Why do you also punish us with Tenant Welfare (rent control) when housing providers, as individuals, are required to pay 100% of the cost?  Why don’t you ask all the other citizens in the City to share in this costly law?  Shame on you for not even trying!

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Illegal Inspections

     You further punish us with illegal inspections without a search warrant.  Shame on you!  How would you like to have your house inspected?  You even allow your Housing Department to confiscate apartments from some of our less efficient housing providers.  You actually allow them to damage those individuals who are trying to solve one of your biggest problems.  You are destroying their retirement plans while sitting there voting to increase your own salaries, retirement plans and benefits – shame on you!

Now, to top all this off, you have more tricks up your sleeves that will add more insult to injury to these housing providers who are already providing more housing than any other group you can find to punish.

Cost of a Trash Collection Monopoly

     Economics 101 teaches us that the larger the number of companies competing for a specific business (i.e. trash) the lower the prices will be and the better the service! Why are you now taking away this “right to choose” our own trash collectors?  Why are you putting those other small competitors out of business? This will increase the cost of providing housing by a substantial amount!  You are taking it away from some of our trash haulers and giving it to other haulers, unions and yourself.   It takes a criminal mind to copy and/or conceive an idea like this!  Let us repeat that: It takes a criminal mind to vote for an idea like this! Why do you vote to do things that increase the cost of housing and then claim that you are looking for a solution to solve the housing problem? You promised when you passed this new law that our costs would be less. Yes, you did!  – Shame on you!


     Those trash collectors who you put out of business are hardworking business people who have been providing us good and decent services.  And when they did not, we could hire a competing company– and we have done that in the past.  They chose to take the risk associated with providing a needed service and now you choose to punish them too?!  You are totally ruining some family businesses that were counting on their business to eventually give them a similar retirement that you have assured for yourself by getting elected.  Do you know what these entrepreneurs were told in a City meeting; “we are really sorry to hear that you will go out of business.” Are you? – Shame on you!

How can you have such a cold heart that allows you to vote to destroy individuals who provide housing and other needed services? How can you sleep at night?  Do you really do this only to generate votes from a larger majority and support from the unions so that you can be reelected? – Shame on you!

Take Action – Make a Motion!

     Please, have mercy this one time, repeal this terrible trash collection idea now, or at least control this monopoly by freezing the prices that were being charged as of January 1, 2017.  As an individual, you can make this motion to correct all this injustice.  Please, do it now!