This article was posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2018

AB 1796 (Muratsuchi D) Rental Property: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Current law requires a lessor of a dwelling to approve a written request of a lessee to install an electric vehicle charging station at a parking space allotted for the lessee in accordance with specified requirements. It exempts dwellings that are subject to the residential rent control ordinance. AB 1796 would eliminate that exemption, thereby requiring a lessor of a dwelling subject to the residential rent control ordinance of a public entity to approve a written request of a lessee to install an electric vehicle charging station in accordance with specified requirements.

AB 1857 (Nazarian D) Building Codes: Earthquake Safety, Immediate Occupancy Standard. This one would require the California Building Standards Commission to adopt earthquake standards for engineered buildings meeting immediate occupancy standards to be included in the next triennial edition of the California Building Code. Until the immediate occupancy standard is adopted, the bill would require the commission to adopt a strength and stiffness standard for engineered buildings 1.5 times the level of the current standard.

AB 1870 (Reyes D) Employment Discrimination: Unlawful Employment Practices. Current law, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, makes specified employment and housing practices unlawful, including discrimination against or harassment of employees and tenants, among others. Current law authorizes a person claiming to be aggrieved by an alleged unlawful practice to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing within one year from the date upon which the unlawful practice occurred. This bill would extend the period during which complaints alleging unlawful employment or housing practices may be filed.

AB 1919 (Wood D) Price Gouging: State of Emergency:

Would, upon the proclamation or declaration of an emergency, make it a misdemeanor for a person, business, or other entity to increase the monthly rental price advertised, offered, or charged for residential housing to an existing or prospective tenant by more than 10% greater than the rental price advertised, offered, or charged by that person, business, or entity within 30 days immediately prior to the date of the proclamation or disaster. The bill would extend the prohibition with regards to housing for any period that the proclamation or declaration is extended.

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SB 721 (Hill D) Contractors: Decks and Balconies: Inspection: Current law provides authority for an enforcement agency to enter and inspect any buildings or premises, whenever necessary, to secure compliance with or prevent a violation of the building standards published in the California Building Standards Code and other rules and regulations that the enforcement agency has the power to enforce. This bill would require an inspection of exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing elements, including decks and balconies, for buildings with three or more units, by a licensed architect, civil or structural engineer, or an individual certified as a building inspector or building official.

SB 831 (Wieckowski D) Land Use: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs):The Planning and Zoning Law authorizes a local agency to provide by ordinance for the creation of ADUs in single-family and multifamily residential zones and sets standards the ordinance must impose, including, among others, maximum unit size, parking, and height standards. Current law authorizes a local agency, special district, or water corporation to require a new or separate utility connection between the ADU and the utility, and authorizes a fee to be charged. It requires a local agency to submit an ordinance adopted for the creation of ADUs to the Department of Housing and Community Development and authorizes it to review and comment on the ordinance. This bill would delete the requirement that the area be zoned to allow single-family or multifamily use.


AB 2343 (Chiu D, Bonta D, Bloom D) Waiting Period Before Eviction Notice.  :  AB 2343 would require landlords to wait 10 days – instead of three to begin eviction proceedings against tenants who haven’t paid their rent on time. Tenants would also have more time to respond to a landlord’s eviction court filing, from the current five days to 14 days.


AB 2364 (Bloom D) One-Year Notice for All Ellis Act Evictions:  Would require landlords to give tenants a one-year notice when evicting them under the Ellis Act. The current notice period of one year applies only to elderly and disabled tenants. All other tenants must currently be given four months’ notice.


Assembly Bill, Yet Unnumbered (Bonta D)  Limits Reasons for Just-Cause Evictions:  Would extend just cause eviction protections that San Francisco and other cities have to the entire state. The intent is to limit the reasons for which landlords can evict someone.


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