This article was posted on Friday, Oct 01, 2021

As more and more apartment owners are trying to adjust to today’s changing times, some have decided to go to far-reaching lengths and even restrict access to their beloved community amenities like pools, gyms, laundry rooms, BBQs, clubhouses and more.  The intent is to ensure resident safety. However, the main drawback with this approach is that it eliminates the benefit of these amenities and leaves residents dissatisfied with their current residence. Some even questioning the justification of their rent amount.  

Smart apartment owners, however, are discovering ways they can provide their cherished features, while still keeping residents safe.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code, or Quick Response Code, was created to streamline the process of communicating information. It is a unique code that eliminates the need for users to re-input or write down. During the pandemic, you may have seen many restaurants use them to show patrons their menu.  Rather than re-type the restaurant’s website in your phone, one simple scan saves so much time, not to mention typos.

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How are QR Codes being used at apartments?

Innovative Apartments and Condos are now using QR Codes to easily create reservable times for their amenities. By doing so, residents gain peace of mind, enabling them to ensure amenities are available when they need them. Apartment owners create a more modern feel, while safely making their amenities available again. 


Where can it be used in my apartment?

It depends on the amenities your apartment has to offer.  For example, if your apartment has a shared laundry center, QR Codes can be used so residents can scan to check availability, and book a time when they plan to do laundry.  This simple use can eliminate wasted, sometimes lengthy, trips to the laundry room, only to return back several times.  

Another example would be limiting use at the apartment pool. QR Code reservations can be used to set limits, like for 10 people max, ensuring continued safe use of your pool.  Again, residents can scan the QR Code, check pool availability and reserve a time slot.


Can’t I just place a link to our website? Or print out my own QR Code?

Placing a link is not as easy to use as QR Codes. Residents will have to re-enter the information and studies have shown that systems are used less when presented with additional roadblocks.

In addition to printing out your own QR Code, you will still need a reservation system in place to manage reservations, availability, and make it easy to maintain.  Also, it would be beneficial to offer more ways to reserve, like placing QR Codes/links in your website, emails, or welcome packets.


How can it save me time?

With a proper reservation system in place, all transactions/communications that would normally take place are handled by the system. Communicating availability, booking a time, collecting fees, changing a reservation, cancelling a reservation, processing refunds, etc. If done manually, these tasks would be overwhelming. But by leveraging a QR Code reservation system, they should be handled automatically.


How can it earn me more money?

Many apartment owners are placing usage fees on amenities for the convenience of reserving them.  For example, BBQ areas can be reserved at any price, say $10/hour.  These fees can be used to better maintain your amenities, as well as an additional revenue stream for the apartment.  Residents typically don’t mind the additional fee as they are gaining the convenience of reserving a specific time, instead of wasting their time by trying to informally/manually reserve spaces by showing up early.


How much does it cost?

Typical reservation systems have costly set up fees, and ongoing monthly fees to support the service. There are a few that have free options, with zero initial cost, and zero monthly fees, but may take fees based on paid reservations.


  • QR Codes make it easy for residents to reserve your apartment’s amenities.  
  • A robust reservation system can manage the entire process.  
  • Residents enjoy the convenience. 
  • Apartment owners provide a better environment, save time, and can make additional revenue.


Alexander Desuasido is the Managing Director at QRsrv ( and has over 25 years’ experience in the software and technology industry. He is an efficiency nut and purveyor of using technology to simplify any and all experiences. You can find him hiking on unexplored trails in the spring, or snowboarding down powder in the winter.