This article was posted on Saturday, Jul 01, 2017

With the ever-changing rent control regulations and the new state and federal laws, what is the best way for a landlord to stay informed and keep up-to-date?   How can you make sure you are not following outdated rules and regulations or using obsolete rental forms?    AOA has your solution and all you simply have to do is provide us with your email!

AOA Email Updates

Rental property owners and management companies who want to stay informed can simply subscribe to our emails.  AOA’s “newsletter-emails” are sent twice a week unless an issue is raised that needs immediate attention – then we send one to you right away.  Some of the information we send include:

  • New state and federal housing  laws
  • Updates on rental forms
  • New and/or changes to rent control regulations
  • New tenant screening laws
  • Resident manager compensation changes
  • Bills and measures that may affect the industry
  • Upcoming seminars and trade shows
  • New services provided by AOA

How Can YOU Subscribe?

  • All newly-joined members who provide us with an email address are automatically subscribed.
  • If you’ve been an AOA member but not getting our regular newsletter, please call your nearest AOA office and we’ll add your email address to your account … or visit and sign up now.  Before you enter our website, an invitation to join the newsletter subscription appears and you can simply supply your information there.

Not a Member of AOA Yet?

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That’s okay – we’re hoping you will see all the benefits and join today!   But … we still want to keep you informed on what’s happening in your industry so you or your management team can stay current on the legal aspects of running your rental housing business.

You, too, may provide your email address on AOA’s website at for FREE.  There is no charge for this service as AOA only has your best interest as a landlord in mind.

If you are not getting a copy of our monthly magazine, you are missing out on some great stuff!  You can, however, read it online and also have access to contractors and vendors dedicated to our industry.

Are You Using the Most Current Rental Form?

There’s a NEW WAY to make sure you are!

Due to constant changes in the law, or simply to better protect your interest, AOA must periodically revise our rental forms.

On our numerical list of forms on the AOA website, we have added a date before the form name and number.  This date should be the same as the date on the bottom of the form you are currently using.  If you find you are using an outdated form, simply download and use the newer one.

It is AOA’s purpose to provide professional guidance and economic benefits for housing providers throughout California.  Our goal is to support you in making your business of providing housing for others more profitable, easier and more enjoyable! If you are not yet a member and taking advantage of all of our services, we encourage you to join today!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (800) 827-4262.

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