This article was posted on Friday, Jul 01, 2016

Many apartment buildings secure the property with a common key that will allow the tenants to enter the building and usually, the same key is utilized to access the parking area, pool, or gym.  Many times this is done with just a standard, classic key and sometimes the keys are even stamped “Do Not Duplicate” to give the property owner or manager a feeling of better key control.

Nowadays, with high technology in key cutting machines, a person is allowed to simply insert the key into a machine –  but the machine is not smart enough to see that the key has been stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. So, the machine cuts the keys, which get distributed to friends and family and now you have completely lost key control and the security of the facility is compromised. Many properties rely on “Do Not Duplicate” keys to control tenants from unauthorized key duplication, but the reality is there are many ways to get around the classic keys that are stamped “Do Not Duplicate” – some key cutting establishments just don’t care.

The more you can control cutting and distribution of keys that will allow unauthorized users to enter the property the better. High security keys and cylinders can be great investments to secure the property and give both the tenants a safer place to live and the building owner a better sense of security. High security keys, such as Primus, (although the initial cost is higher,) can save you money down the road.  Keys can be issued to tenants with no need to worry about them being duplicated and passed out to unauthorized users.

The Schlage Primus cylinder is a high security, dual locking mechanism that provides patent key control, geographical exclusivity and is pick and bump resistant. Getting one with UL drill resistance is also an option. Primus cylinders come in many levels and keyways. Keys require a signature card to be on file and unless the person requesting the key copies signature matches the signature on the card, the keys will not be duplicated.  Schlage Primus would allow you to secure the perimeter of the property or high value doors with Primus cylinders and still be able to tie into the existing classic non-Primus cylinders without the added cost of a Primus cylinder to all the doors … and you can rest assured that the keys cannot be duplicated to gain entry into the building. The Primus cylinder uses six pin-tumblers and a second set of sidebar finger pins.

To minimize losing keys, many property managers charge a $25 to $50.00 key deposit to ensure the key is returned.  It is surprising how many lost keys are “found” when there is money to be forfeited.

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Interchangeable cores or large format interchangeable cylinders are also available in Schlage Primus.  These would allow the end user to change the locks in an instant. By using the locks that are interchangeable core compatible, the property manager or owner could change the locks in an emergency or eviction saving the cost of needing to call a locksmith.

Ask your locksmith about Schlage Primus and/or Interchangeable Cores to significantly increase your building security.

For more details, contact Jerry Maness of Acme Security Systems at 1 (800) 355-6584.