This article was posted on Friday, Nov 01, 2013

Marketing consists of many factors that heavily depend on the person who is interested in your property.

Throughout my experience as an intern (and answering hundreds of calls a week), I have easily been able to identify the needs, wants and expectations that people request.  Most important, renters desire an immediate connection with the landlord of the property.  It’s kind of like dating would you want to know this person on an intimate level for a year or more?

Six Powerful “P’s”

Posting Titles

Posting titles for your properties should be creative, fun and a unique combination of words that demonstrate a descriptive and energetic approach.  People want to see something that stands out and catches their attention immediately.  Once they see an effective posting title, they are drawn in and are looking for the next bit of information that will easily direct them to the next step in the rental process.

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Post Frequently

Publishing your ads with a continuous pattern is a great habit and gets your properties well known.  For example, Craigslist allows you to re-post your ads every two days.  The more frequently people see the same ad, the more familiar people become with your name and your properties.  This shows people that your property is still available and rent ready!

Promises, Promises, Promises

Keeping promises, holding up to words and acting upon those words is one of the biggest factors that people heavily rely on.  The most common and frequent questions I’m asked daily are when is a person available to contact, when can they tour the property and what are the conditions and requirements that need to be met in order for a renter to be approved.  Including this information helps people find answers to their questions quickly, which allows them to move on to the next step in order to rent your property.

Professional Photos

Providing photos that reflect a professional image of your property is one of the main marketing techniques that has a huge impact upon the renter and their decision to rent your property.  At the end of the day, I end up with multiple people who are unsatisfied with the photos they have seen on the internet.  The most effective photos I’ve noticed are ones with pictures that have bright lighting, toilet seats down, blinds open and various camera angles that emphasize the square footage of a property.

Power Apps

With technology being a large portion of our everyday lives, there are many new smart phone applications (apps) that are beneficial for marketing.  These quick apps provide faster, more efficient and reliable ways of displaying your property.  For example, SPINCAM is an app that allows an individual to take a 360 degree picture and quickly send it to a prospect.  This is beneficial for people who live out of state, can’t make a tour or want a better layout of the flow of the property.

Pets Are People, Too

More and more people are searching for rentals that are pet-friendly.  I’ve continuously noticed the positive impact that people experience when they find a home that is perfect for them and their animal.

Although animals can be a risk, there are simple ways to minimize the risk of having unwanted damage to your property.  For example, reach out and get to know your clients, visit their current residence, require rental insurance and don’t be afraid to ask for a hefty deposit!  It’s ok to say no, but at least you gave them and their pets a chance at living in your investment home.

Svetlana Kazak is an intern for Kassandra Rose.  With over 800 leases under her belt, Kassandra Rose has now opened her own real estate office and named it after her successful ZadPad program.  ZadPad is redefining the rental ownership experience by connecting landlords with property vendors, brokers and renters with a simple click of the mouse.  For more information, contact Kassandra at (206) 930-8770 or visit  Reprinted with permission of Update.

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