This article was posted on Sunday, Aug 12, 2012

Summer has finally arrived. Warm days sound like fun times. We spend more time out on the beach to get that great California tan, go on vacations and spend more time with our family.
For some of us though, warm days can be associated with a lot of frustration. Air conditioning problems can really take away that comfort in your home and business that we all strive for.
Here are a few tips that should help you when dealing with your A/C systems.

Perform These Maintenance Tips
1)    Change the filter on a regular basis ( at least twice a year)
2)    Have a professional clean the condensing coils ( at least once a year)
3)    Have a professional clean the evaporative coils ( at least once in four years)
4)    Get a licensed technician to work on your A/C and heating system at all times

Updated News in the HVAC Industry
Based on recent EPA regulations, air conditioning repair costs will get pricy this summer. Refrigerant (so-called Freon) pricing recently skyrocketed and we anticipate further increases.

Refrigerant Leaks
Obviously, there is not much you can do when it comes to refrigerant leaks. The leak would have to be identified and repaired.  The only other alternative would be to replace the entire unit.
We find that most clients still prefer to repair and retrofit the existing A/C system and we stress the fact that regular preventative maintenance of your air conditioning system can save you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars.

How often should I maintain my central A/C and heating system?
Twice a year. We recommend that you perform tune-ups before it gets chilly and before it gets too hot. For businesses “ a quarterly preventative maintenance is a must.  In some cases where A/C units are used at an excessive rate, we recommend monthly tune-ups.

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How do I choose the correct HVAC system?
An easy answer to that question would be for you to determine what your needs are when it comes to home or/and business comfort. What do you want your new A/C system do for you? Which of the below listed items are most important to you?  Answer these questions and most professional HVAC specialists can suggest system that will suit your purpose.

¢    Efficiency?
¢    Cost?
¢    Warranty?
¢    Durability?
¢    Sound level?
¢    Design?
¢    Indoor air quality?

How do I choose a good A/C and heating service company?
Over the years, we have heard numerous complaints from our clients about how unhappy they were with previous servicers. We simply make the below suggestions and tell you to be careful to hire real professionals.

¢    Make sure that the A/C Heating service company has C-20 contractor’s license
¢    Check to confirm if they are bonded and fully insured
¢    Give preference to companies with experience and longevity
¢    Make sure that they are registered with Better Business Bureau
¢    Give priority to AOA advertisers just because you will most likely get a better price than calling someone from the Yellow Pages
¢    Ask for references because good companies will have plenty

And please have a hassle-free summer !

The above article was written by Michael Birov of West Coast Chief Repair, Inc. West Coast Chief Repair is an authorized repair and service company for all types of appliances, cooling and heating systems. They can be reached at 800-810-7813.

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