This article was posted on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016

Alameda Rent Program – Notices and Materials to be Provided to Current and Prospective Tenants 

The Alameda Rent Program Information Brochure relating to Ordinance 3148 is now available for landlords to distribute to current and prospective tenants.  By October 15th, 2016, Landlords are required to provide the web link to the INFORMATION BROCHURE or provide a paper copy – unless the tenant requests a paper copy, then the landlord must provide a paper copy.  Prospective tenants must also receive this brochure, along with items 1-3 listed below, under Section 6-58.20 of Ordinance 3148. 

Section 6-58.20 of Ordinance 3148 requires a Landlord to notice a Tenant of four items defined in the Ordinance.  Each listed item is a linked directly to the web copy. 

  1. Written notice that the rental unit is subject to Ordinance 3148
  2. A copy of Ordinance 3148
  3. A copy of the current City regulations relating to Ordinance 3148
  4. A copy of the current information brochures relating to Ordinance 3148 – NEW brochure, Landlord is required to provide to current tenants by October 15th, 2016