This article was posted on Monday, Feb 01, 2016

While it may seem like the property management industry is about “managing properties,” it’s really about managing and caring for people.

Regional and property supervisors are responsible for meeting the needs of their owners and the staffs and residents of the communities they oversee.  On site or resident managers are required to manage and care for their staffs, residents, prospective residents and vendors.  

This may not be a “news flash” for most of you.  However, what may come as a surprise is that not everyone is treating those in their care with the utmost respect and consideration.  This is a very “touchy” subject, yet one that still needs to be addressed based on the following question: 

Q:  I have a pretty good relationship with my property supervisor, but sometimes when a project isn’t done on time or the numbers just aren’t lining up, he yells and swears at me.  I pretend his behavior doesn’t bother me and try to ignore it, but honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this.  Not only do these outbursts hurt my feelings, but it’s so unprofessional that I am losing respect for my boss.  What should I do?
A:  There is no room for verbal abuse in the workplace.  It’s a form of harassment and most companies have policies and procedures in place to protect their employees from this type of treatment.  Yet, many people don’t speak up for these reasons: 

  • They’re afraid they will jeopardize their employment situation and/or experience some sort of retaliation. 
  • The first time an episode of verbal abuse happens, the initial feeling is shock and perhaps disbelief that it actually occurred.  
  • You may even try to convince yourself that it wasn’t so bad or that it was a one time, isolated incident that will “never happen again”. 

However, if someone loses control even once, he or she has the potential of losing control over and over again.

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Remember, this is a “people” business where every “person” deserves to be treated with respect and consideration; no matter what the circumstances.  Property supervisors are going to continue to slash budgets, on site managers will at times overspend and miss deadlines and certain residents are going to be late with rent payments and damage their apartments.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

“Keeping your cool” is not an option.  It’s a character quality that is essential to your success in this business, and life in general. If you find yourself in the type of situation described above, please seek some wise counsel regarding your particular circumstances.  If you are a person who has the tendency to take your anger and frustration out on the people you work with, then sign up for an anger management course or ask your co-workers to chip in and buy you a punching bag.

Note:  Please don’t take your anger and frustration home with you either – your family deserves to be treated with respect and consideration too! 

Joyce (Kirby) Bica is the former owner of Shoptalk Service Evaluations. For more information, email [email protected]. Reprinted with permission.