This article was posted on Sunday, Apr 01, 2018

One of the biggest headaches for owners and operators of commercial and residential buildings, like hotels and apartments, are the noise complaints. Guests and residents get very upset when disturbed by unwanted noise which often leads to bad reviews, lease terminations and lost revenue.

Due to the proven health effects of noise, many municipalities across North America have begun enforcing stricter building codes to protect their citizens. Previously, the necessary improvements would require costly structural renovations to soundproof the walls between guest rooms and apartment units. After identifying this problem and believing there was a large market opportunity, the founding team at SoundGuard spent two years creating an affordable and effective solution. The result of their efforts is an eco-friendly, patent-pending soundproof paint that can be applied directly to the drywall or over an existing layer of paint. From recent projects with independent testing from acoustical engineers, SoundGuard’s soundproof paint has been proven to reduce sound transmission through walls by an average of 90% across all frequencies — 125 Hz to 4000 Hz.

“The idea for soundproof paint came to me three years ago when I was trying to soundproof my own apartment and could not find a suitable solution; so I decided to create one. I’m very proud of my team for their persistence and patience in helping me make this product a reality. Everything has been harder and more expensive than we could have imagined but we accomplished our goal and now we have an amazing product to show the world,” said Jonah Lupton, Founder & CEO.

SoundGuard’s high-performance, architectural coating meets the most important criteria when evaluating a soundproofing solution: effectiveness, affordability, ease of application, speed of application, customizable, non-invasive, fire-resistant, mildew-resistant and mold-resistant. This means reduced costs, minimal down time, no demolition, no building permits, no expensive contractors — all while solving a critical problem using an environmentally-safe product and ending up with a beautiful, soundproofed wall.

The team at SoundGuard believes in addition to hotels and residential buildings — many office buildings, universities and student housing properties could also greatly benefit from their product. Despite the company’s decision to start with the commercial markets, SoundGuard already has plans to enter the consumer markets in Spring 2018.

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Lupton adds, “We want to help every property across the globe where people are living, working, sleeping and studying. Thanks to our revolutionary product, soundproofing a wall is now easier, cheaper and faster than ever before.”

For the past decade, Mr. Lupton has been starting and growing companies, mostly in the technology sector. He openly admits that most of his previous ventures were unsuccessful but he’s not afraid to take risks, especially when he has strong conviction about a market and the opportunity to solve a problem.

Every year across the globe, more than 100 billion square feet of wall space is painted and that number exceeds 30 billion square feet in just the United States. SoundGuard believes their soundproof paint will now be part of the discussion with the potential of doing thousands of commercial and residential projects every month. Since their product is really intended to be a primer or base coat, Mr. Lupton does not see themselves as being in direct competition with the large paint companies but rather they are hoping to create strategic partnerships with many of them as SoundGuard will help generate more projects and more demand for their finish paints and coatings.


Jonah Lupton is Founder & CEO  of SoundGuard.  For more information visit:, call 800-955-3991 or email [email protected].