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‘s Here!
The BIG Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference!
Thursday, May 17th at the Long Beach Convention Center Hall C

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 17th for AOA’s Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference in Long Beach. You will meet just about every contractor and vendor you will ever need¦ it’s called the Million Dollar Event of the year. This year is bigger than ever as we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary! Come and help us celebrate and who knows, you may even go home with the New iPad, a flat screen TV, or a 5-day cruise for two! All this and more being given away throughout the day.

FREE $20 Bills!
HUB International is giving away $20 bills at booth #420!!
AOA has partnered with HUB International to provide AOA members with the best Exclusive Group Insurance Program, at the lowest possible price! Here’s what they are offering at the trade show:
We are so confident that AOA’s policy pricing will beat what you are paying now, that we’ll give you $20.00 if we can’t beat your current rate on your apartment building insurance, or your Workers’ Compensation policy. All you have to do is bring your declarations page (the page showing the coverage and premium) to booth #420 and we’ll give you an identical coverage quote.
Wow, they give you $20 if they don’t beat your current policy and if they do, you could save thousands, you win either way!!!

FREE Seminars
FREE seminars, where you will discover money-making and money-saving ideas, and what you, as an investor, can expect for the future¦ will be presented on Thursday, May 17th at the Long Beach Convention Center, Hall C, 300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach.
The first seminar at 7:30 a.m. will cover Dan Faller’s 7-Step Success System on How to Make and Keep Millions “ (Been There, Done That). Every rental housing owner will want to hear this one along with all of the informative seminars throughout the day.      You’ll want to attend these FREE Landlording seminars where YOU can win a prize at EVERY seminar so be sure to attend as many as you can! Read on for more detailed seminar information and times.

What Every Rental Property Owner Wants Now!
Is your goal to discover at least one idea that will help you become an even more successful and profitable apartment owner and/or manager than ever before?. . . Then you’ll want to be at
this AOA Trade Show. Based on the past experience of AOA members, property management companies, and other rental property owners from all over the state, we can almost guarantee that you will discover that one big idea. In fact, you will discover more money-making and money-saving ideas at the AOA Trade Show than any other happening in the whole industry. Come to the big event and you too, will find out why so many rental housing owners, managers, contractors, vendors and other entrepreneurs attend.
The Million Dollar Trade Show is designed to fulfill AOA’s mission of providing every rental property owner with at least one idea that will help you make and keep more money than ever before. We’ve been meeting that goal for over 30 years – – that’s why so many rental property owners and managers keep coming back year after year.
It pays and saves you big time just to be an AOA member. BUT¦ it pays and saves even more for those owners who turn up every year to discover new ideas at the Big Show!
WOW! Where else could you possibly spend a more profitable day? There will be no place in the world like the Long Beach Convention Center on Thursday, May 17th from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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The Whole Day is FREE
It won’t cost you a dime.  You see, the 100-plus contractors, exhibitors and speakers get together and pay the rent for the Convention Hall.  They provide all the chairs for the huge seminars AND cover all the other expenses.  It costs them over $100,000 to put on this show ¦ just for you!  You will definitely want to take advantage of this one, big, valuable money-making and money-saving opportunity.
Really, it’s a FREE show. All the drawings at the exhibitors’ booths and the whole day of money-making idea seminars! The AOA Trade Show and Landlording Conference is one big free day for every well-deserving apartment owner! All we ask for the price of admission is that you bring a couple of canned goods for the Union Rescue Mission’s Feed the Homeless program.

WHEN:     May 17th, 2012 “ all day Thursday. The first seminar starts at
7:30 a.m. and the exhibitors’ floor opens at 8:30 a.m. The last
seminar starts at 4:30 p.m.
WHERE: At the Long Beach Convention Center, Hall C, 300 East Ocean, Blvd., in Long Beach.
PURPOSE: To help you discover ideas, products and services that will make your
life as a rental property professional more enjoyable, easier and more profitable.
Our goal is for you to discover at least one idea that will help you make and
keep more money than ever before!
COST:        FREE “ just bring a couple of canned goods to help feed those in

Your Free Gifts Just for Attending
Gift #1: If you have never been a member of AOA, you’ll receive a FREE six month membership. You’ll have all the privileges and rights of our regular paid members “ access to instant low-cost credit and eviction checks, a monthly subscription to the Apartment Owners Association News and Buyers Guide and much more! You’ll become a part of the largest individually organized group of apartment owners and property managers in the whole state.  Why are we giving away memberships at no charge?   Because we hope you’ll take advantage of the many benefits of being an AOA member and renew at the end of your six-month freebie, BUT, there is no obligation!
Gift #2: Nine lucky winners will win a 5-day Cruise for Two!
Gift #3: Another will walk away with a Flat Screen TV!
Gift #4: Three of the New iPads will be given away to three lucky people!
Gift #5:  Be one of the first 200 people to attend Jeffrey Taylor’s seminar and receive a
FREE BONUS PACKAGE worth over $100!
Gift #6: Also, many other prizes and gifts will be given away to the lucky winners at
individual booths “ be sure to visit them all! (Rumor has it that booth #420 is giving
away a New iPad, so be sure to visit them).

There’s More!
Attorneys will be there all day just to answer any landlord/tenant questions to keep you out of trouble and avoid possible lawsuits. AOA Brokers will be available to show you apartment buildings for sale for your investment consideration. We’ve invited several government agencies so that they can answer your questions. Exhibitors will be there with new products and services.   Then there are all the free money-making idea seminars.
You’ll want to spend the whole day at the show visiting all the booths and attending every seminar that you can possibly take in. The following describes all the seminars and the times each one will be given:

The 7-Step Success System on
How to Make & Keep Millions! (Been There, Done That)
7:30 a.m. – Seminar Area A
Multi-millionaire, President and Founder Of AOA, Dan Faller will share with you his personal and powerfully proven 7-Step Success System. You’ll discover how to apply his success system to your ownership of apartments, AND to whatever other business or personal project that you decide to tackle!  ‘s Dan’s personal goal that every AOA member knows and uses these seven steps.
Find out what the most successful, big money makers are doing today.
In this seminar you will discover:

¢    How you can double your income
¢    How to always be in the upper 3%
¢    Wealth-building ideas that will make your kids rich

You’ll either love him, or hate him, as he also shares his thoughts about success, God and politics.
Be there and you’ll find that his proven, simple step-by-step Success System really can work for you!  If you have the want to, you’ll discover the how to at this seminar!
Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two OR the New iPad!

How to Properly Screen Your Tenants
9:00 a.m. – Seminar Area A
Attorney Stephen Duringer is with The Duringer Law Group and has handled over 192,000 landlord-tenant cases over the past 22 years.  He has also served as Pro Tem in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Superior Courts and on the U.S. Trustee’s Bankruptcy Court.
Stephen has owned residential and commercial income property throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Montana for many years and brings with him an owner’s perspective to the practice of law.  At this seminar you will discover:

¢    How to detect red flags on the rental application
¢    How to identify potential deadbeats
¢    How to read credit, eviction and criminal reports

Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at this seminar!

How to Maximize Your Rental Income
9:00 a.m. – Seminar Area B
Jeffrey Taylor, also known as Mr. Landlord is the #1 landlord in the nation!  He is also one of the top nationwide speakers on the subject of making more money owning and managing apartments. It’s not about the number of units you have; it’s about the numbers on your bottom line!
This guy is an idea a minute speaker so be sure to bring your pad and pen to write down all the ideas he has in store for all of us.  The first 200 people (one per couple) who attend Mr. Landlord’s seminar will receive a FREE $100 BONUS PACKAGE which includes three special reports titled:

¢    How to Collect Rent on Time, Every Time
¢    Identify Red Flags When Selecting Tenants
¢    FREE Resources CD
¢    A Free Six-Month Subscription to the Mr. Landlord Newsletter

Come and discover his money-making strategies and his secrets on this business of Landlording!  Get there early to make sure you receive one of his FREE packages!!  Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at this seminar!

How to Make Money With Tax Liens
11:00 a. m. – Seminar Area B
Wayne Gray is the nation’s leading tax lien and tax deed investment expert.  Tax lien certificates pay a return to the investor of 16% to 35% mandated by state statute.  He will be sharing these closely held secrets with you including:

¢    How to use the most lucrative financial opportunity available in America
¢    How to acquire real estate for only 25% of the value of the property
¢    How to build your fortune starting with any dollar amount

You’ll want to attend this one, folks, and you’ll wonder why someone didn’t tell you about this years ago!
Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two OR the New iPad!

The Secrets to an Effective Eviction and
New Developments in Landlord/Tenant Law
1:15 p.m. – Seminar Area A
Well-known Eviction Attorney, Dennis Block has plenty of hot legal ideas in store for you! Mr. Block is with the Law Firm of Dennis P. Block and Associates and also hosts a weekly landlord radio show.  At this seminar you’ll discover:

¢    How to avoid landlord/tenant problems
¢    The eviction process “ what to expect
¢    Prepare your case for trial and win every time

Be there early to get a good seat AND plan to stay for the very popular legal question and answer session that follows. He promises many legal tips and tricks that up-to-date apartment owners are using in today’s market!  Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at this seminar!

Real Estate Investors Rewind “ Examining the Past to Prepare for the Future
1:15 p.m. – Seminar Area B
Our special guest speaker, millionaire investor Bruce Norris is also the author of the book The California Comeback. When he wrote this book, in 1997, experts thought he was crazy with his predictions that real estate prices would double by 2004!  He was absolutely right!  – Then he wrote The California Countdown in 2004 and the California Crash in late 2005. This guy has established a habit of being right!
You won’t want to miss his current predictions as he looks back to interpret what he now believes the future holds for California real estate investors and what stands to be one of the most exciting and profitable times in history.
Be there as Bruce delves into the magical world of shadow inventory and reveals how banks are hiding this mythical ball of inventory as well as:

¢    The mix of REOs versus short sales
¢    Delinquent loans destined to become REOs or short sales
¢    How to find your share of these types of deals

Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at this seminar!

The IRS Assault on Real Estate Investors “ How You Can Fight Back
3:00 p.m. – Seminar Area A
Tax Attorney, Phillip Panitz began practicing law as a prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.  After much success and seven years of litigation experience, he went on to get his Masters in tax law and practiced as a tax litigator with several Southern California law firms.
The IRS is on the warpath against real estate investors and he says that if you are like a few thousand other real estate investors across the United States, you will soon find yourself a part of the sweep that the IRS is conducting.  At this seminar he will share some of the things the IRS expects from YOU, the real estate professional, and:

¢    Discover the two major IRS hurdles for allowable tax deductions for real estate
¢    Discover the 7 Secrets the IRS doesn’t want you to know about
¢    Maximize your chances of surviving an IRS audit with valuable tax tips

Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at the seminar!

How to Fill Your Vacancies and Keep Your Residents Longer
3:00 p.m. “ Seminar Area B
Drew DeMasters is a landlord, author and marketing coach who bought his first rental house at the age of 18. And with nearly two decades of experience, he’s faced the same challenges other landlords and property managers experience.
Drew will be revealing how to apply proven marketing strategies to your rental property business.  You will discover his secrets and innovative ways for landlords to engage with their tenants and keep them longer.  Topics will include:

¢    How to get your phone ringing
¢    Ideas and tips on finding the right tenants
¢    How to build loyalty with your current tenants

Plus, you could win a 5-day cruise for two at this seminar!

How to Make Money Buying Foreclosures in Today’s Down Market
4:30 p.m. – Seminar Area B
Lynn Alder has been investing in real estate for over three decades, and currently owns property ranging from single family, multi-family and commercial, to properties in development.  With his 30 plus years of experience and knowledge, he helps others get started and achieve their own financial independence.
A strong believer in the power of education, Lynn will help you discover techniques and strategies that you can use to build wealth investing in real estate.  By attending this seminar, you will be getting the same information he has shared with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, General Tommy Franks, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jerry Lewis and Donald Trump, to name a few! Topics include:

¢    How to find the sweetest pre-auction and foreclosure deals of the century in your own backyard
¢    Discover how the secret world of wholesaling can make you a fortune in a down market
¢    How to build the right power team around you in order to ensure your real estate investing success

Stay for this money-making seminar and you just may win one of these great prizes “ the New iPad, a 5-day cruise for two or a brand new flat screen TV – all being given away at the last seminar of the day!

Big Day Planned Just For YOU!
We hope to see you at all the seminars. We do know that you’ll be a big winner by attending this biggest ever AOA Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference! The whole day has been planned for apartment owners and property managers . . . just like you!

Union Rescue Mission
Canned Goods Drive
Apartment owners have been especially kind in supporting the Union Rescue Mission at every AOA Trade Show with their donations of canned food for homeless families.  The Mission has gone away with loads of food every year, thanks to you.
Once again we are asking for your help and support for this much needed humanitarian effort. Even one can of food will help feed a hungry family. Bring a bag full if you’d like!  Please help us to make a difference!

One Big Day
Mark your calendar now: All day Thursday, May 17th, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Hall C, 300 East Ocean Blvd., in Long Beach. The first seminar begins at 7:30 a.m., and the exhibitor floor opens at 8:30 a.m. and stays open until 5:00 p.m. The last seminar starts at 4:30 p.m. Plan to spend a day of discovering the best money-making and money-saving ideas and special discounts that you will ever see at one location. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our big 30th Anniversary Celebration. Please bring a friend – you can be assured that they will discover at least one idea that will help them make and keep more money than ever before as a direct result of attending. See you at the Big Million Dollar Trade Show!!!

P.S.  Be sure to stop by the AOA booth and get your FREE bag of popcorn and spin the big wheel for even more 30th anniversary celebration prizes.

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