This article was posted on Thursday, Jul 01, 2021

Have you ever “protested” in front of our elected officials about what they are planning and/or actually doing to you?  Well, now you have a chance to join one of the biggest housing providers’ “protest” ever; and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.  

AOA is not asking you to demonstrate in the streets!  You are being asked to please donate at least one hour or less of your time to make this an actual BIG protest.  All you have to do to fulfill your part is to mail your “protest” form to your elected representatives AND specifically Governor Newsom at 1303 10th St. #1173, Sacramento, CA 95814.  You can find who represents you in your city and state and their mailing address, just by Googling it at “(your town) city council members” or “(your county) Board of Supervisor members” or “California Assembly Members”, etc.  You may need to click again on the first page that comes up.


How can you participate?  Just tear out the official “protest” form on the back cover and/or on page _____ of this magazine where you’ll also find the space to add your comments.  Then make as many copies as you and your friends are able to mail and simply mail them!  

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You are thereby asking these thieves to stop harassing and stealing from housing providers and forcing us to provide the labor that is necessary to provide housing for people who do not pay their fair share or fair market price for your apartment and the services that you are forced to provide!  Please … send at least one “protest” form to the Governor and one to the mayor of your city.  When you can spare the time, please also consider including your city councilmembers, board of supervisors and your state representatives … plus your favorite politician.


What Have They Done to Us?

Please forgive me, but the best way I can describe what the politicians have done and are doing is called “rape”.  They are allowing many tenants to financially “rape” every housing provider throughout the state!  For doing this they are being paid in tenant votes at re-election time.

You may be one of the lucky ones who think that you have not yet been affected.  BEWAREloss of freedom and property rights will eventually affect all of us.  It eventually leads to a totally different form of government that even you will not like.  Not convinced?  Then please join together anyway and help protect those providers who have been damaged.  Please mail this industry “protest” form to at least the Governor and your city mayor.


What’s Coming Next?

Every city in the state, as you know, has different laws.  Some have chosen our old American Economic System of Free Enterprise that you and I understand to have produced the highest standard of living for the largest number of citizens ever.  Other cities, our Governor and state-wide politicians have chosen this “Forced Tenant Welfare” system that has helped produce the largest number of homeless people ever, plus it is robbing us of our God-given freedom (forced labor) and our property rights!

The following is a partial list of “criminal offenses”.  Many of these have already become law in some cities and our state or … eventually, will be attempted in YOUR city! You may want to mention these when you mail in your “protest” form or just include a copy of this article: 


  • Anti-harassment laws that award consumers $10,000 to $15,000 from housing providers (providers need protection too!)
  • Forced free labor
  • Tenant welfare (rent control)
  • State-provided legal support for tenants only
  • Eviction laws
  • Tenant screening laws
  • Relocation penalties
  • “First Right of Refusal” when selling
  • SCEP inspections and fees
  • Government collection of rent from so-called “uninhabitable” apartments
  • Unconstitutional search warrants
  • Fees required by the city for worthless services
  • Requirements and restrictions for new construction
  • High California taxes for everybody
  • Earthquake retrofitting requirements
  • Limited rent increases
  • Trash monopolies
  • Tenant-biased judges
  • Inaccurate CPI used for housing
  • Emotional support animal restrictions
  • Utility pass-through restrictions
  • Free rent
  • Section 8 requirements
  • Moratoriums 


Please email me at [email protected] and explain how you have been damaged by these anti-American and anti-housing provider laws.  We need your examples for current and future lawsuits.


What Should We Do?

  1. Right now, we should all join together and let these lawmakers know how their laws are affecting your life by joining this big “Protest” today.  You may even want to include a copy of this article.  Click here to print a copy of the protest form.
  2. Join the Association and become a part of this industry that is supposed to give you a free market financial return for all your sacrifices of money and time.  Click here to join AOA!
  3. Give your financial support to the AOA Political Action Committee.  It takes money to file lawsuits and support campaigns when anti-housing provider laws are put on the ballot, like Propositions 10 and 21 that our industry defeated in the past AND will have to do again in the future … hopefully, with your support to win again!  We are providers and winners.  Let’s all join together and support our interests in this – one of the most valuable industries and services in the state.  Click here to donate and thank you for joining together on this project!