The below article was written by David Hernandez, Lead Proponent, Ballot Initiative to Repeal the Exclusive Trash Franchise.  AOA has endorsed David Hernandez for Mayor of Los Angeles.  Please vote for him when you go to the polls on March 7th.

What began in the back rooms of L.A. City Hall between special interest groups and their allies on the City Council is about to hit apartment owners and all commercial businesses in Los Angeles like a 100 foot tsunami.

The Los Angeles Exclusive Trash Franchise Ordinance, which spread through the development and implementation process at record speed is about to crash down upon unsuspecting housing providers as early as July 2017.

With the City of Los Angeles setting the rate system as high as 200% above current cost, the sticker shock will no longer be able to be kept from business owners.  In addition to the massive rate increase, there are built-in opportunities for the trash companies who succeed in getting a franchise zone to increase costs in other areas.

Remember, the franchise fee paid to the City is based on the gross amount the trash hauler charges the customers.  How does this benefit the aprtment owner, building owner and other commercial business owners?  It does not!  What can be done to protect your rights as housing providers and how do we get it done?

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How Can You Stop This Monopoly?

Please become aware of the ongoing effort by housing providers, business owners and community leaders to stop this attempt to impose this destructive monopoly system in its tracks.

Five individuals joined together as “proponents” and submitted a ballot initiative to repeal and replace the exclusive trash franchise that the City Council, unions and trash companies put together with a non-exclusive franchise.  AOA President, Dan Faller is one is one of those five proponents.

The non-exclusive franchise would allow housing providers and trash haulers to choose not to participate in the monopoly without any additional fees or costs of any kind.  Your right to choose would be maintained and protected!

We Are Ready to Win, if…

The petition to repeal the exclusive trash franchise ordinance has reluctantly been approved for circulation by the City of Los Angeles.

An agreement has been made with a signature gathering company for gathering the 63,000 valid signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot. The team has been assembled and coalition groups are stepping up to join in support.

The time alloted to secure the signatures is 120 days.  We have laid a foundation to get it done in 90 days.  Once qualified, we will enact legal action to halt implementation of the exclusive ordinance until the voters have an opportunity to decide.


Now is the time to support the effort with your financial contributions – IF you would like to destroy this blood-sucking monopoly and keep your right to choose.  It is all about signatures and the money needed to secure them.

Dan Faller has personally donated over $1,000 to support this initiative and is asking you to donate at least $1,000 if you can afford to do it.  If you can’t afford it, he is asking you to donate what you can afford.

If we all join together, we can and will win this battle for our right to choose!  Dan says, “It will cost each of us a lot more than $1,000 if we let the City Council get away with this.  The difference will be that we will pay thousands of dollars more to this trash company monopoly.  Donate now or pay them later!”

Will you invest in your business?  Will you invest in this fight?  Will you invest in your right to choose who will give you the best trash collection for the best price?  If the answer is yes, please send your check made payable to “The Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles”, c/o AOA, 6445 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite #300, Van Nuys, CA 91411.  Thank you!

[Editor’s Note:  Please read the article regarding this unfair trash collection.]

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Committee for Accountability and Good Governmant in Los Angeles

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