This article was posted on Saturday, Nov 01, 2014

Let’s face it – in this business of landlording, we certainly can run across some unusual circumstances.  Many times, it’s difficult to know what to do but sometimes, we are even at a loss for words. 

Below are some actual questions received by AOA Advisors.  We share these not out of disrespect, but simply to bring a smile to momentarily interrupt your difficult job of being a landlord.    

  • “I think my tenant might be dead in the apartment.  Do I have to serve a 24-hr Notice to Enter before I go in?”
  • “I have a resident manager who was given a decrease in rent making his rent only $500 a month but he hasn’t paid anything in SIX YEARS, what should I do? “
  • “Is a resident who has been deceased for over three months still responsible to pay their rent and be responsible until the lease ends? My resident had been on Section 8 and I’ve been collecting the Section 8 checks that have been sent since she died.  Why are they asking for the money back?”
  • “I served a 3-Day Notice to Cure the Violation” because of excess noise but they continue to disturb my other tenants. Do I have to wait three days before I serve them another one?”
  • “I rented my unit to a lady that needed help and we have no written contract. Can I tell her she cannot get her mail at the unit? Can I contact the people she gets mail from and tell them to stop sending her mail to my unit?”
  • Sept, 2013 —- “I lost my tenant’s rent check from April 2009. I just found the check and want to take the rent they owed from that month out of their deposit because they are moving out. Is it too late to collect the money they owe?”
  • “I just really didn’t like the way they looked at me, can I just keep their $2,500 security deposit?”
  • “I think my tenant may be prostituting from her apartment.  Can I ask for a monthly percentage since she’s using my unit for her business?”

    And the winner is:

  • “When filling out the Security Deposit Refund letter, how do I calculate 2/3 of a paint job when I don’t know how much it will cost?”

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