A famous president once said “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction … it
must be fought for, protected, and handed on” for our children to do the same.

You’ve Lost It!
Have you lost a big chunk of your freedom?  You certainly have if you are a housing provider in
California!  The big question today is – are you ready to fight for your freedom and constitutional
property rights?  Do you want the freedom to manage your own property, or do you think that
“elected officials” can do a better job than what you are doing?  When we consider the current
housing crisis, the answer to that is obvious.

The politicians have made a mess of housing with all their regulations and lack of basic
economic know-how.  They have not only destroyed our economic freedom AND our property
rights, but have, in their ill-informed and idiotic ideology, created a crisis for 97% of all
California tenants!

“Sue ‘Em!”
Are you ready to say “enough is enough” and sue those power-hungry, immoral and disgusting
politicians who have stolen our constitutional property rights?  Well then, let’s do it now!

Who Can Do It?
AOA, along with Al Leibovic, has been working with the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), who
has already gone to work protecting our property rights.  They are one of the largest property
rights organizations in the USA with over 25 attorneys on their staff!  AOA has supported them
in the past and can’t wait to see them win this one!

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Step One
The first step PLF has taken to represent you is the filing of a written demand to the Judicial
Council asking them to repeal their “Emergency Rule 1” which violates your property rights by
suspending your right to file an unlawful detainer.
We had hoped that the Judicial Council would exercise enough wisdom to take the letter
seriously enough and cancel this totally unfair ruling without having to be taken to court. (Fat

At the End of this So-Called “Emergency”
Al Leibovic has written and advised:  “As we approach what is expected to be the end of the
emergency, and the hopeful expectation by all of us of the end of the Eviction Moratorium, rental
property owners have been anxiously looking forward to re-taking control of their properties,
their rent rolls and beginning the slow and a possibly painful process of addressing the voluntary

payback and/or aggressive collection of their unpaid rents so that they can pay their mortgages
and other property expenses.
That said, I encourage all rental property owners to treat every tenant with an open mind,
compassionately and independently from other tenants, as every tenants’ circumstances are
different.  This cannot be a “cookie-cutter” collection effort.  Those tenants that can substantiate
why they have not been able to pay their rents should be treated with sympathy, compassion and
generosity.  However, those tenants who are determined to be uncooperative and are found to be
“gaming the system”, should be addressed accordingly and within the bounds of the law.”

Dan Faller:  Those tenants who are “gaming the system” should be found guilty of criminal
activity and sent to jail along with the politicians who “assisted” them by passing these new
“laws” just to please the tenants and get reelected.  They have joined together just to steal
money from you!
They say that if you keep repeating a lie over and over again, the people will start believing it. 
PLEASE do not fall for their Big Lie: “We are all in this together”.  We are not in this together
with the tenants, tenant unions and politicians who have destroyed our freedom and property
rights and have forced you to transfer your assets to your tenants without just and fair

The Good News
The good news is that Pacific Legal Foundation has taken the first step and sent a detailed letter
to the Judicial Council demanding that they lift their unconstitutional law that outlaws evictions.
A copy of the letter can be found at www.aoausa.com.  A lawsuit has now been filed.  As you
know, the bad news is that lawsuits and political action cost money – lots of money.  Just to evict
a tenant can cost you over $10,000 with their jury trials and all.
So…… if one little eviction lawsuit can possibly cost you $10,000, how much are you willing to
donate for a lawsuit and political action that could end up costing one hundred times plus that
much?  Remember, we also have a second Prop. 10 – (the so-called Affordable Housing Initiative
that destroys vacancy decontrol) as well as a property tax increase to defeat in November.
These ballot measures will take millions of dollars to defeat and all housing providers are being
asked to participate.

How Much?
How much is it worth to you to join in with other law-abiding owners and help to protect your
property which, for many, represents a major part of your retirement program?
$10,000?  $5,000?  Hopefully, every one of us should donate over $1,000 which, in real estate
talk, is a “real deal”!  Let’s join together now and defeat those who are stealing our property
AND our freedom.    The only way we’ll win is if we all join together and pitch in.  Folks, please
do the best you can, but do something now and I thank you in advance.

First, please go to www.aoausa.com, sign the petition and send a copy of the petition to
Governor Gavin Newsom at [email protected] AND to the mayor of your city.
A lot of people are asking how they can donate to the AOA Political Action Committee to help
fight for landlord rights.  You may donate online at www.aoausa.com/pac.  You may also donate
with a check or money order payable to:  AOA PAC or the Pacific Legal Foundation and mail it
to:  6445 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 300, Van Nuys, CA  91411.  THANK YOU for your support!

Sincerely, Daniel C. Faller, AOA President
P.S.  You’ve heard of “the land of the free and the brave”?   Well, the only reason the USA really
was the land of the free was because of the actions of the brave!  We are losing that freedom.
Only if a new group of property owners who choose to be brave and join together now are we
going to win back our freedom.  Are you willing to fight for that lost freedom?  I hope so.