This article was posted on Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021

Dear Mr. Faller:

It seems to me that we, landlords, have a public relations problem.  Too many people think landlords don’t work, and just suck up money from other people.    No doubt it would come as quite a shock that for the last month, I have been working seven days a week.  Yesterday, I worked 16 hours.

This misconception by the public is somewhat related to the thinking of those who have never owned a business – which is, that if they could own a business they wouldn’t have to work, and could just tell other people what to do and make money off them.  The reality is that owners work more, not less.

Another part of this misconception is that gross rents go directly to the landlord as pure profits.  This, in part, because others have never experienced the cost of buying and maintaining rental properties.

So, I am wondering … do we collectively have enough funds to engage a public relations firm?  If that could get us results with more understanding, and if it reduces problems, it might be cheaper than dealing with an incorrect public image and the politicians whose agenda currently is to do us wrong.

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I do not know if this would work, or how such a campaign would be designed.  But nothing ventured on floating ideas, nothing gained.     

                                                            Thank you always – Gerald Sherman, AOA Member 


AOA:  We think that funds are definitely needed for a lawsuit to stop the state requirement that housing providers donate their labor and are not allowed to be paid.

It should be the responsibility of housing consumers to pay Gerald for those 16 hours that he “voluntarily” donated to his tenants!

AOA PAC is building a “War Chest” that will be used to support a lawsuit that could have a chance to make it to the Supreme Court.  This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to win.  Please donate the maximum amount possible – at least $100 a unit or at least $1,000.00.

To donate to the AOA Political Action Committee, please go to page _______.   You might also send a copy of the protesters along with letter written by a fellow, underpaid housing provider to the Governor and other politicians in your city.