This article was posted on Saturday, Sep 15, 2012

Dear AOA:

MiraCosta College in Oceanside and the San Dieguito High School District in the North County Coastal area are both proposing massive bond issues for this November.
MiraCosta is going to ask for $500 million ($1 billion 50 million after fees and interest) and San Dieguito $450 million ($940 million after fees and
interest).  In both of these cases, the majority of the money will be spent to replace existing structures and not adding significant new student capacity.

It is my opinion that the educational programs of neither of these systems would be damaged by a delay of a few years.  It appears that the justification for such massive expenditures is weak at best.

I am deeply concerned that these taxes along with other new state and federal taxes may stall or otherwise injure the area’s struggling economy.  A few years back I worked with local members of your organization against tax issues but have lost contact with them.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would give my name to persons who may be interested in working with me or in concert with me.  We must stop this two billion-dollar madness.

In the past, I organized the Encinitas Taxpayers Association and helped start the Cardiff Taxpayers Association.  For the past 30 some years, I have fought to protect citizen’s rights and pocket books.  By some accounts, I have helped save taxpayers over 30 billion.

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Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Bonde
[email protected]

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