This article was posted on Friday, Jul 01, 2016

Good Morning Pattie and Dan:

My name is Dyanne.  My father has been a property owner his entire adult life. He has worked for many years with Dale Alberstone, so when I needed help with my REAP case, I called Dale. Thank goodness I did!

Dale has been a tireless advocate for me and my father –  he not only worked with the city to get this REAP case dismissed but also ended up having to protect me from an incredibly unscrupulous character. Unfortunately, said character was not only deceitful but he proceeded to make our case drag out over years! Because of this, said character impacted my fathers good name with the city. Because of his ridiculous behavior authorities painted me with the same brush and then they decided to take action to drag the case on even longer!   Dale went to great lengths to get this case thrown out which he did! He made excellent plans, and then followed through on them. Because of the short turnaround time on this, Dale had to change other meetings and even impact his travel plans for a case up north. I know he pulled in a great many weekend hours setting things up for us and he made darn sure we would prevail (we did!!)

I have always thought the word “Esquire” was a perfect description of Dale. He is the  perfect “gentleman lawyer”. Time and time again I have been amazed at him keeping his cool in stressful situations. But I didn’t know the Dale who is “ON FIRE”! He was full of righteous anger. It was an amazing sight to see this man be so fierce on my behalf! I am super glad that I hired him as I wouldn’t want to go against him in this kind of setting. Smart, well versed in the laws, professional and measured; but also a great fighter when the chips are down.

I know that AOA shares my high valuation of Mr. Alberstone as you keep him front and center in your magazine. But I wanted to make sure you knew both sides of his work and how wonderful and fantastic he truly is. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone as he is a fierce, smart and wonderful powerhouse of an advocate.

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Thank you, Dyanne D., (AOA Member)