This article was posted on Sunday, Oct 01, 2017

The following letter was sent to the Mayor and City Council Members of San Jose. 

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I lived for 28 years under the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe!

I see the signs and the threats of communism in the housing department policies! Please stop them before it will be too late!

We do not want socialism or communism, with its ugly face, to take over our country, our  property rights and the free market economy in our capitalist United States of America!

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Socialism has no place in USA!

Clean the Housing Department swamp!

Get rid of the leadership of the housing department, who have shamelessly, high salaries and try to bankrupt and destroy the hard working small business owners of rental properties in San Jose!

Our property rights are guaranteed by the constitution!

The Housing Department has no right guaranteed by the constitution except the greed and wish to hold  their positions forever functioning on the principle “divide and conquer”.



Paul Goreniuc
MA, MFA , General Contractor
Property Owner and Taxpayer