This article was posted on Sunday, Nov 01, 2015

Dear AOA:

I am writing this letter to let you know about my recent business transaction with Klarise Yahya. I recently did a building refinance/buy-out using Ms.Yahya’s services. My experience with her was extraordinary! I am not a new owner, but it is not my primary business, therefore I needed some expertise and guidance. Klarise was extremely helpful in all aspects of the transaction. Her compensation was more than reasonable for the level of service received.

Each month I look forward to reading the AOA magazine from cover to cover for its sound advice and great articles. Klarise’s column is always a highlight of my reading. I highly recommend her services to your other AOA members. She is a valuable resource to your organization and was for me personally. Keep up the good work!

                                                                                                      Sincerely, Alan V.


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Ideas will overcome any vested interest.  Right in the capitol of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, the absurdity of rent (property) control hits the national scene via the internet and the Wall Street Journal.  Because of the threat of rent control which was originally in place, the owner of a very inappropriate trailer park in the most expensive land in America has been kept from developing his land into much needed apartment houses.  The assessed value of the trailer park is $3 million.  The assessed value of the apartment house would be around $200 million.

Braying to the rescue, the government enters the scene.  The city council of Palo Alto with the county supervisors wants to keep a run-down trailer with many illegal aliens as “affordable” housing.  The government numbers for doing so are insane.  The government wants to go with Caritas – a racket (on the internet … THE GREAT SANTA CRUZ LAND SWINDLE).

Fortunately, after being sued for saying no to this fraud, the owner, Mr. Jisser, refused the offer saving the city of Palo Alto massive financial damage.  Already mobile homes in California are priced at ridiculously over-priced levels via rent (price) controlling.  The weakness in the politician’s position is that they know they are dead wrong.  There is no such thing as “affordable housing” – just subsidized housing.

The end of the ignorant tyranny of rent control in California is in sight.  On the internet:  RENT CONTROLS WILL END EVEN IN SAN FRANCISCO. 

                                                                 George Drysdale, a Social Studies teacher