This article was posted on Tuesday, Mar 01, 2016

 Dear Dan:

Thank you for the great job you all do! Great news to help us try to beat back the far reaching (greedy) arms of government. I am in Northern CA, and have been a member of AOA for years.

I provide magazine subscriptions for my managers in FL and OK and they love it.

I hope to someday fly my OK manager to an AOA trade show. I have never made it down to one, and know I’m missing a lot, could be a great time for all of us. Please keep up the good work and I love seeing the word of God on your page.                Sincerely, Paul Scott 


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Letter Sent to the City Clerk, City of Redding, CA

Dear Pam Mize:

You may become aware that a recent federal court case has determined that the license and inspection fees charged by the City of Portsmouth, Ohio for rental housing and apartments were in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The court has ordered that the city stop and also refund the fees that have been paid by the housing owners.

This is my formal request that you immediately stop these unwarranted charges. I see that recent inspections fee for a typical four unit apartment is $70 and that the license fee is $20/yr. My manager and maintenance people do regular inspections as a part of doing business in a safe and caring way. The tenants who live on site report potential problems and needed repairs to management; this is a normal part of our housing rental business. The service that the City of Redding does and the fees that you charge are not wanted nor do they accomplish anything more than we do ourselves as owners/managers/tenants.

Real estate owners pay property taxes which are limited to one percent of value and include city services; your added tax on our property is not allowed by state law.

                                            Sincerely, George Loegering, Redding Rental Property Owner     

Hi Dan,

I am Diann Davisson, Sail Properties Inc., I just e mailed all of the city council members in San Luis Obispo your article. In May of 2015 the city council put a new rental inspection and fee ordinance for San Luis Obispo.  Please see below my first response back from “Christine”. 

Thank you Dan for all the hard work you do and the education you bring forth to help us in the real estate community.   Sincerely, Diann Davisson, Broker 

Ms. Davisson:  Thank you for your correspondence and the information.  We are aware of the Ohio court’s ruling, but please be aware that this is the ruling of a single District Court that does not have jurisdiction in California and whose rulings are not binding outside the case before it and its limited District in Ohio.  Moreover, I have not yet had the opportunity to evaluate in depth whether there are relevant distinctions between the Ohio regulations at issue in that case and our regulations, which a preliminary review suggests there are.  Our City’s regulations are based on a regulatory model that has been reviewed and upheld against constitutional challenge by California courts.  We are, of course, always mindful of emerging legal issues and I assure you that we will be following this case closely to determine whether the ruling will be appealed and we willbe advising the Council if any changes in approach are necessary or appropriate.  Thank you for taking the time to reach out.”      Christine