This article was posted on Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016

Dear Dan:

When you hire a lawyer and you ask for an idea of what it will cost, BEWARE.  Any price quote you get in an email, as I did for an eviction, means nothing, because if you want to complain about the final fees, the State Bar will ONLY go by the contract you signed.  The contract stated $395 an hour but it did not state how long it would take for specific things.   My lawyer bill was over $8,000 for an eviction.  The email from my lawyer quoted me a price of $1,500 – $2,500 if I settle before I go to jury trial and $7,500 if I go to jury trial.  I settled before a jury trial and it cost me over $8,000.  

Price check what they charge per hour and don’t rely on what is said in an email because it doesn’t hold for anything if you try to do a fee arbitration.   Check online reviews, Yelp, etc., before you decide.  And there are lawyers out there cheaper than $395 that produce SIMILAR results as mine.  I know this because I compared what my friend paid her lawyer.  I compared apples to apples, eviction, Basta, deposition, discovery, apples to apples.  Why pay more for similar results.   So check their hourly rate, and the number of hours it takes them to do something.  It took my lawyer 3.1 hours to review my file, they stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it,  and when they were staring at it,  was the perfect time to tell me that more was involved and it was going to cost me more, if that is their argument.   Sincerely, Mary 

Dear Dan:

I have been a landlord for 30+ years with 1-22 units at various times.  Yet I still need to keep up on landlord issues.  I love your magazine.  I read it cover to cover.  I save specific articles.  This month I particularly love the “39 Money-Saving “Short Cuts” for Rental Housing Providers.”   I also love your forms that I can complete and save on the computer.  Now the forms are always readable.

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Thank you so much for charging reasonable yearly fees and providing good advice over the phone.

AOA is the best bargain and best provider of landlord assistance I have ever had.  A sincere thank you!   Sue N., Member 

Dear Dan:

Just writing a note to say how grateful I am for you and AOA.  I went to the trade show and would always pick a service that advertised with you.  Found Jim’s Flooring this time and ordered carpet.  Then, I renewed my membership.

I’ve been with you a long time – 25+ years.  Thanks for everything!

                                                                                                Good health, Leslie Q.