This article was posted on Thursday, Mar 01, 2018

Dear Dan:

We are so pleased to be members of AOA – attending seminars, going to the Convention Center in Long Beach and utilizing the web site.

This morning, for the first time, (I am pretty old-school!), I used the online forms to give a 60-day notice for a rent increase. Thank you!  It was so much easier than I ever thought it would be.  So, I called this morning to pass on the compliment and they suggested I drop you a note.

So here is my note of thanks! Thank you for a great website, a really top-notch organization and fine seminars and staff.

We use QuickBooks because of you.  We re-did our Family Trust because of you.  Can’t begin to say how much we appreciate AOA!  Sincerely, Garth and Mary Reid

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Dear Dan:

This is a letter I sent to HCIDLA (rent control) due to their inept mailing of billing notices, sending them to the tenant instead of the owner and then penalizing the owner who only found out upon paying his RSO/SCEP 2018 fees.

To Whom It May Concern at Billing for HCIDLA:

I would have paid the initial $201.50 re-inspection fee if I HAD KNOWN ABOUT IT. HCIDLA continually sent notices to my tenant located at the property address as you can see from the attached Initial Statement and Penalty Statement. My mailing address was noted multiple times by the inspectors, rent registry and payment history (owned by Fleschler Trust and Fleschler Group LLC from 1964). YOU SHOULD refund the penalty to me for YOUR MAILING ERROR. I only found out after I received my 2018 RSO/SCEP registration statement today and finally paid my RSO/SCEP fees. It is blatantly unfair to landlords for the HCIDLA to send notices to the apartment address rather than the contact and/or emergency contact address. Why do you think I didn’t pay the fee initially? I have never paid a late fee on any credit card, mortgage or city, state or federal fee. I am 62 years old and own many properties in the San Fernando Valley. I await a refund for the penalty of $503.75 if the City of Los Angeles is honest and fair.      Stephen Fleschler, Owner and Manager


Sent to Mayor Garcetti and All City Councilpersons:

Hello All:

Please add my name to the ever growing long list of property managers, tenants and owners complaining about the horribly conceived and implemented RecycLA Program.  My disposal rates have tripled and the quality of service has declined tremendously with very long customer service hold times and missed pickups resulting in overflowing bins.  This is DIRECTLY caused by replacing free-market competition among haulers with MONOPOLISTIC franchise zones.  Please repeal this awful plan and return to open competition among haulers where only GOOD service at a FAIR price is rewarded.  Respectfully, Ron B.


Honorable Mayor Garcetti and City Council Members:

The monopoly you have created in the trash companies is really unfair.  They are increasing the prices and inventing new charges for unnecessary things.

The take-over has been really a disaster.  I am still being billed by my original company.  They picked up their dumpster in October and Athens started in November, but I am still being billed by the old company.  I have written them, phoned them three times and still, nothing is resolved.

The property next door has not switched to Athens (the provider in our area) and trash is piling up in their old dumpster.  Because of this, the tenants next door are putting trash in my building’s dumpster. 

I am paying the same amount for half the service.  I used to get two pick-ups per week and now I get only one.  I also now pay $200 for the one weekly pick-up while I paid $216 for the TWO per week under the prior company. 

You really need to regulate the pricing if you are going to create these monopolies.  You further burden the landlords with unfair rent control restrictions.  I am all for affordable housing, but it should be at the cost of all citizens and not just on the backs of landlords.  Study after study has shown that rent control inhibits the construction of more multifamily housing.  You need to rethink how you create affordable housing and rent control is not the answer.  Give builders and entrepreneurs the incentive to be landlords and they will create more housing.  Yours very sincerely, Mary Ann J.


Dear Dan,

I was pleased to read the article Foes of L.A.’s Recycling Plan Push for Repeal in the Los Angeles Times, January 19, 2018 issue.

It will be an uphill fight that will be challenged by the Trash Monopoly, labor unions and environmental groups but it can be won if presented intelligently.

The information campaign for repeal must address the following issues:

  • Customers must have a choice of trash vendors because this system has proven that a monopoly equals higher prices and poorer services.
  • Competition brings down prices and increases the quality of service.
  • Our group that supports repeal ALSO supports environmental protection of the environment.  We all breathe the same air!
  • This current trash monopoly’s higher charges will lead to high tenant rents.
  • Money will be increasingly taken out of the renters and given to Trash Monopoly.

If presented correctly a great source for supporting a repeal of the Trash Monopoly will be our tenant population.  Property Owners have to reach them with the right message.  Higher trash fees lead to higher rents.

What is the best way to access and inform Renters through the property owners? What is the best way to work together and make it happen?

The Trash Monopoly and the political hacks who look to it for their financial support must be exposed, challenged, and vigorously defeated! Dan – thank you for all your hard work.

                                                                                      Sincerely, Victor Bardack


Dear Vic:

You summarized exactly what we have to do with only one exception and that is to raise enough money to get it on the ballot.  We need to raise at least $250,000 that is necessary in order to obtain the 62,000 plus signatures.  Now is the time to get every property owner 100 percent behind this one!  Please contact every housing provider and business you know.  As you know, if they see that we do not raise this amount, the politicians, unions and trash companies will continue to treat us like dirt.  Thank you for all your input and past support.  Dan


Help Stop the Trash Monopoly!