This article was posted on Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor¦

Dear Dan:
Just a note of thanks for the service you provide to landlords in California. I could not print out the “Lead Base Paint pamphlet” from the EPA web site so I drove over to your Garden Grove office to pick up a supply. This reminded me how valuable being a member (since 2003) is for a landlord in California.
My three year membership expires this year and I will re-new for another three years. Even if I only had one rental or only owned 50% of one rental your service helps Californian landlords protect themselves from this overly tenant friendly state.
Free simple legal advice, low yearly membership cost, no added cost for downloading forms and no per “door” charge added to the yearly membership makes my AOA membership a bargain.
Yours truly, James L.  Placenta, CA

Dear Alison:
We are very pleased to be AOA members. Meeting you was very helpful and made our transition from professional management to managing ourselves much easier.
The process to obtain our own tenant credit reports was also easy and the results were very professional. Thank you for your help!!
George and Linda B.

Dear AOA:
Here is another landlord scam.  One applicant filed a complaint to HUD Fair Housing, and said we discriminated against her because of her disability. She came, did not even file an application. She said she has disability income.  No big deal.  All we asked is for her to show proof of the income.  (Award letter or check stub, what ever she’s got.)
She did not come back.  Then we got a call from Fair Housing.  She wants $25,000.00 for her problem.  She said she had her friend with her (she was alone when she came), and her friend could testify that she was agitated when she returned to the car after the showing.
She claimed that my husband, (she did not know it then) who showed her the apartment, asked her to bring her doctor’s certificate that states that she will not kill the other tenants.
The housing rep was trying to correct her by saying, you mean “will not hurt the other tenants”.  She said no.  She repeated…not to kill the other tenant.  Now how stupid is that?  Would a broker, 30 years in the business, and property owner, say something as stupid as that?
To make long story short, instead of going through a long process of investigation, even calling on our other tenants, Nick said to give her $1,000.00 to go away.  I did not want to, but relented. When the settlement agreement came, I wanted it re-worded the way I wanted it, with her also signing. She never came back and the housing agent did not come back.  They did not close the case or ask for more investigation.  Now why is that?  The complainant’s name was Hoffman.  I forgot the first.  The property is located in Redwood City.
Vhangee M.

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