This article was posted on Friday, Mar 01, 2019

Dear Dan:

My husband and I visited the AOA-Long Beach AOA office for assistance. As Landlords, we met with Rebecca for help with our Small Claims lawsuit.  We want to inform you of how much we appreciate the help and time that Rebecca professionally extended to us. She spent a great deal of time with us; showing concern with our situation.  She has the expertise of the law and understanding of involved, complex situations.She shared her knowledge with us on the Security Deposit laws and California Civil Code 1950.5. We just wanted to share our appreciation of Rebecca with you.  She is a credit to the Association.

Sincerely,  Linda and Tony Banzuelo

Dear Dan:

Thank you so much for putting on such a spectacular event.  (Long Beach Trade Show and Landlording Conference).The information was phenomenal and your speakers were out of this world.  They were so giving and generous with their time and knowledge; it’s unbelievable that AOA puts on this event for FREE!  The education I received was worth far more than conferences I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to attend.  This couldn’t have come at a better time – my family is growing and now I have new tools and resources for making, keeping and protecting what we’ve worked so hard for.  I would recommend your trade show and your company to anyone interested in investing and becoming successful.

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Sincerely, Katherine Norland

Dear Dan:

I recently sent my office manager to attend the seminar titled “Discover How to Get Through the Eviction Process” at the Scottish Rite Center here inSan Diego.  She shared with me on how valuable and informative the presentation was.  The information, material and resources that was available has made her more knowledgeable in the performance of her duties. I just wanted to say thank you for hosting these seminars – we find great value in them.  We look forward to attending more in the future.  

Respectfully, Donald B.

Honorable Mayor and Councilmembers:

I understand you are considering implementing rent control in our well-run city of Glendale. As a homeowner of forty years, and a rental property owner of a number of apartment buildings in Glendale since 1985, please read what I am writing below.

1)      Rent control, in and of itself is wrong. Price controls do not work. Simply put, imagine putting a cap on the price of gasoline. We would not have enough gasoline to go around.

2)      If you believe rent control will not affect prices and construction, please understand what I and many other apartment owners do. We do not invest in properties in Los Angeles, Santa Monica or West Hollywood. And it does not matter whether those properties are price controlled or not. Simply put, the housing bureaucracy created in these cities make owning property there unbearable. It impacts all housing. And without investors, builders cannot build and sell their product to the chain of investors needed to continue more building.

3)      I continue to purchase properties outside the three cities mentioned above. I am able to properly manage them well, as the residents are my customers without whom I could not continue to operate, and can afford to keep them well maintained without the restriction imposed by rent control. Glendale would go by the wayside, just like those other cities have. Drive around City of Los Angeles sometime. What a mess.

4)      For heaven’s sake, use the money that might operate these awful agencies and instead help people directly with their housing. What an incredible, useless waste of money rent control government agencies are. It is hard for me to fathom that this would be considered in our great city. Please do not take us there.

Respectfully, Lawrence Rubenstein, Ph.D.

City of Glendale Mayor and Councilmember:                                            

I just received a beautiful shiny brochure describing the new City Ordinance. I am appalled. You waste money on something like this, when those very funds could have gone to those tenants that need help? And then you proceed to put the burden on the landlord.  Really?

Larry Rubenstein, Discouraged Property Owner