This article was posted on Monday, Mar 01, 2021

Dear AOA:  

We are in receipt of the updated AOA Rental Agreement and/or Lease.  We have used this form for years and sincerely appreciate the protection of having an attorney-reviewed document supporting our agreement with tenants.

We have also attended your excellent seminars and have updated information suggested as improvements or protections by your speakers.  In fact, the one and only time we have had to appear in court, the judge wanted to know where we got our agreement as he had never seen such a “thorough” document.   Sharon H.

Dear AOA and Dennis Block:

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Thank you for about 30 years of great information, helpful legal counsel and some smooth evictions along the way.

I’ve retired; sold all of the rental properties in California and have moved to Oregon.

My only regret in not renewing my membership is that I will miss the AOA News Magazine.  Keep up the good work!  Roberta M.



Thank you and AOA for all that you have done and are doing to help us in the rental industry!  I wanted to share with you the letter I wrote to Governor Newsom. I decided to handwrite it so that it may stand out! Will keep you and all of us in prayers for wisdom as we navigate this insane time.

Dear Governor Newsom:

I am writing to you to ask you to help us and all mom-and-pop property owners who have invested in rental housing as our retirement plan.

While I understand the state of emergency that we are all in, I don’t understand why the burden of covering the housing costs of our tenants is being placed on us.  It’s been about a year now that we have been carrying the weight and doing our best to survive this period.

Now that help is on the way, supposedly, SB 91 will provide us an 80% portion our income.  I’m not sure yet who hoops we will have to jump through or what rights we will have to relinquish to receive it; hopefully you are crafting fair guidelines.

We planned to retire and our rental income is what we would live off of.  We have sacrificed and worked hard to be able to provide for ourselves.  Now, with the past year and all the legislation, our security and plan has unraveled.  I hope you can put yourself in our shoes.  What if your retirement planning rules were changed and you no longer could count on receiving your income from what you had invested?

This state we are in has complex problems and needs better wisdom and planning.  Please consider a way to keep our investment incomes safe – what about no state tax until the 20% is given back to us in tax credits?  What about issuing us bonds for the 20% that the subsidy doesn’t cover? 

Think about solutions that don’t burden the people who are and have worked so hard to provide housing.  We deserve better treatment.  

Thank you in advance for considering a wiser future.   Sincerely, Nancy B.