Dear AOA:  Good Morning, my name is Josie and I am a landlord. I am just learning how to manage an apartment complex on my own. I am sending you this compliment today as one of your employees, Victoria Ross, is one of the most customer service-friendly representatives I have ever spoken to. Although they are all very knowledgeable and good, she is the one person who takes her time to explain everything to me. She never rushes me or makes me feel that I am a bother. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with me and with everything I have ever asked her. She always goes the “extra mile” to make sure I understand the answer she gives me and why. I would like to send “kudos” to her and let you know she is an exceptional employee who has always displayed professionalism as well as customer service to me and you are lucky to have her on your team!

Dear Dan:

Thank you for having a wonderful employee named Rebecca.  She spent over an hour with me so I could join on and apply for inspection to receive credit checks…She knows what she is doing and she helped me through every form.  Again, she is great.      Faye R.

Dear Mr. Faller:

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I wish to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today when I called the AOA Real Estate Division for advice.

I spoke to Greg Marderian who spent a lot of time with me advising me not to sell my triplex just because I have a bad tenant who I want to get out.  He laid out the tax consequences, capital gains and selling costs to me and convinced me to hold on to my triplex which has been maintained well – and I have two wonderful, long-time tenants in the back units.

I feel I more than get my monies’ worth by being a member of your wonderful organization.  You have great people such as Greg working for you.

                                                                Sincerely, Lisa G., AOA Member

Dear AOA:

As an apartment owner, I would like to find other owners or managers and also homeowners in the Sunland-Tujunga area who need help with criminal activity – particularly drugs and gangs.    This is a factor in my mentioning free installation of lights to Neighborhood Council Board Member, Carol.  

If you know of apartments that might be interested, please let them know; or if you know somebody who in turn knows, please help in getting the chain of communications going.

It is true that the penalty for drug possession has been reduced.  The penalties for drug dealing are greater.  Owners need help, because evictions for drug activity are very difficult.

As an aside, if useful or of relevant interest, I am on the LAPD Community Police Advisory Board.  Members are vetted in multiple steps, among which are full hand-prints and an FBI background check.  My ID is available if you wish.

I have approval from the LAPD for my interest in the light installations and for self-contained video cameras on loan.       Gerald, AOA Member