“Sent to the Hollywood Hoodlums in Council”

We cannot continue to provide housing and not have income to cover mortgage, insurance, repairs and taxes.  No other businesses were required to do that and look how many restaurants and small stores like nail and hair salons closed.

We have not received rent in over a year on many of our properties.  Housing providers are watching where to buy, invest and what cities to get out of property equity.

I urge you to not continue the demise of rental housing by extending the eviction moratorium.  I worked with all my genuinely affected tenants; however, there were many COVID cheaters that did not provide any proof of COVID impact and were protected by the too broad moratorium.

Investing in moratorium cities is just not a good business move and we cannot endure this anymore. Tom S.

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I cannot believe what Los Angeles County Officials do to owners of single-family homes who want to rent their homes out. Unbelievable all the rules; that owners of single-family homes have to pay relocation fees – nuts!!! Everything I read is absolutely crazy!!! Why isn’t anyone putting an end to all these rules and regulations on rental property – single family homes and apartment buildings?

Every time I listen to Supervisor Solis speak on T.V., I always ask myself how did this woman end up with the position/job that she has. Half of the time, she sounds like a complete idiot!!

I now fully understand why you invested in Idaho properties.  Please keep me updated. Thanks, Robin