This article was posted on Wednesday, Sep 01, 2021

Letters to the Editor …


Dear AOA:

Is the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department kidding me? A “Supplemental” 2021 annual bill arrived in my mailbox today, August 10, 2021 increasing the annual registration fee from $82.07 per unit to $106.69 – a $24.62 per unit increase.
Apartment building owners cannot increase their RENTS or are even allowed to collect our rents and they increase the cost of registration per unit. They are crazy! This is unbelievable!
And they expect apartment building owners to pay this bill in full by the end of September 2021 or we are fined late fees.
Also, they are NOT allowing owners to pass-through 50 percent of the $106.69 to tenants right now – we have to wait until January 2022. But … they want payment from apartment owners by September 2021!
Are these people at the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department nuts?  Are tenants the only ones experiencing this pandemic because apartment owners are being slaughtered in all directions!  I am livid!!   Who is fighting for apartment owners? This is beyond ridiculous!!!   Robin F.      



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Dear Dan:
I read your excellent article in the current AOA issue about statewide protests.  Thank you for representing landlords who are the most hated and victimized people in the world!  You wrote that people who are damaged can write to you.
For about two years, I have kept my house vacant because I am afraid to rent.  (I won’t get into it, but before COVID-19 I had a very difficult tenant who got free legal assistance.) If evictions continue to be disallowed, I will be forced to sell my house because I cannot keep my house vacant forever.  If landlords are prohibited from doing evictions, then they are completely at the mercy of their tenants.  If a tenant happens to be psychologically disturbed or radicalized (or both), then a landlord could be stuck with a very difficult tenant for an extended period of time (perhaps life).  By taking away the power of evictions from landlords, the state is forcing landlords to offer care and assistance to people who may be impossible to manage, even for professional psychologists and health workers.  By not having evictions, the state is putting tenants, landlords, and society at risk.   
Without a power to evict, what redress does the state offer for a completely unmanageable tenant?  The risk of being a landlord now outweighs the rewards.  How does a dysfunctional housing market benefit anyone, except the large corporations? Many small landlords will be forced to sell their property and invest in markets that are still functional.  The small landlords will be replaced by large corporations that lease huge blocks of housing units.  The corporate landlords can still afford to pay high attorney fees and average out losses.  As you know, the current system is anti-American and favors socialism.  Thanks for the work you do.
                                                                     Best, Scott H.


Dear AOA:

I have been talking with, and working with Irma Long Gonzalez, one of your advisors.

She is smart, and she is very easy to talk with and to understand.   She has helped me with Rent Relief and COVID-19 more than you can imagine.

Please do whatever you can to keep her.    Thank you, Mark M.

Dear AOA:

I have been a long-standing member of AOA.  Today I had the pleasure of speaking with an advisor named Irma who went above and beyond her duty in helping me get the correct information I needed.  No one from AOA has EVER, EVER gone to that extent to help me.  She went above and beyond her duties to make sure I had the correct information.  I want you to know that I appreciate her efforts.  I give her a 10 star plus.  

                Thank you, AOA.      Elaine and Harold P.



Dear AOA:

I just read your article and I am a victim.  I own a property in Van Nuys and the tenant stopped paying rent in February 2020 and I hired Mr. Block who advertises in your magazine.  He finally got a judgment against her the end of March and she left, without paying a penny on April 29th.  You know I will never collect a cent from her.
I also have a property in Fresno and one of my tenants hasn’t paid rent in 4 months.  Last month, my manager gave him a 15-day notice and he paid nothing and is still there.  I understand that he can’t be evicted until the end of July.  I end up paying more in attorney fees and it truly is frustrating and costly.  I have to pay my mortgage and all the expenses and this is so one-sided.                  

                                                                      Thanks for your time.  Elinor D.

Dear AOA:

We have sold our apartment units.  Thank you for all the great information over the years.  Many times, the articles were timely and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Keep up the great work.  

                                                                                                                       Esther J.



Dear Alan Lowenthal and Senator Dianne Feinstein: 

PLEASE vote NO on the elimination of 1031 exchanges.  This measure would literally destroy the real estate market, disincentivize the building of affordable housing and totally undermine many people’s retirements.

Part of investing in property and housing is the 1031 exchange. Without the 1031 exchange, many jobs will be lost along with affordable housing and rental housing housing providers have taken a huge beating in the last two years with rent control measures and COVID-19 moratoriums.   Many tenants abuse the generous government COVID-19 relief programs. It would be devastating to eliminate 1031 program benefits.  Killing the goose does not produce more golden eggs.  

Please do everything you can to discourage all 1031 damaging legislation.  Your receipt of acknowledgement of this correspondence would be appreciated.      Tom S.