This article was posted on Friday, Oct 01, 2021

Dear AOA:

Except for the housing industry, I cannot think of any other business where moratorium, that allows payees to not meet their contractual financial obligations, is enacted and enforced.

Have any of the mortgage companies been treated in the same manner as the housing providers? 

Can those in arrear of loan payments who may been be foreclosed have their foreclosure record reassigned as some other defaulted financial obligations?

I think the housing providers, particularly the “mom and pop” housing providers, are the ones targeted by the politicians.

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No other business that I know of have so much regulations imposed like ours that imposed financial hardship on the owners.

I appreciate the work AOA is doing to fight for the small housing providers.

                                                              Thank you!  Seigi T.


Dear AOA:

I want to bring to your attention that I have had several contacts with one of your outstanding advisors.  Her name is Maria and she is kind, sweet, has lots of knowledge and is willing to go the extra mile to help us as members. I truly appreciate her so much.  The world needs more people like her. Thanks so much!    Connie O.


Member’s note to AOA’s advisor Victoria:

Hi Victoria:

Thank you again for all of your help are always sooooo great, and I sooo appreciate YOU!!   Here is my letter that I sent to the governor and ALL San Diego council members including the not honorable Todd Gloria and ALL SD County Commissioners.  Thanks, Monica


I think it is disgusting that landlords are being treated like criminals. I cannot even count how many times the eviction moratorium has been extended. Landlords never want to evict, as it is an expensive process that the LANDLORD pays for. But an eviction is the last resort that a landlord has when dealing with a dire situation. To strip this last resort away from landlords is insanity. Many tenants have been taking advantage of the eviction moratorium during the Covid crisis. I have heard the stories from fellow landlords. Also, there are tenants who are not paying because the eviction moratorium provides them a free pass to get free rent, even though many can pay – they are just plain stealing with the government’s blessing. Also, the irony of this situation is that all of the politicians who voted for the eviction moratorium created a housing shortage. Since many free loaders have been able to stay in their rentals- there is less inventory for law abiding tenants who are desperate to find rentals. 

I have been fortunate that all of my tenants have paid so far however; the atmosphere that the government has created has now emboldened some of my tenants. Just this week, I have been threatened that my tenants will call the police and HUD on me. Why? Because the tenants felt their refrigerator wasn’t getting fixed fast enough. This is their reasoning. They alerted me last Friday night that the refrigerator was not working, I sent an electrician to check out the kitchen the very next day. When electrical issue was eliminated, I was fortunate enough to get an electrician out on Monday – exactly one business day from when the problem was reported. This is extremely fast – and is almost impossible to get that type of service during Covid, because of all of the shortages, but I texted the repairman several times over the weekend to beg him to arrive on Monday.

The repairman explained to my tenants that he had to return to the office to check availability of the parts and would let their landlord know as soon as he returned to the office. My tenants were so put off that the repair was not completed by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, they texted me that they would be throwing out my refrigerator, putting it in the manager’s parking spot and they would be purchasing their own refrigerator.  This entire situation is beyond ludicrous. Here I am providing a service, and bending over backwards to get my appliance fixed for my tenants, and here they are terrorizing me. Saying they are going to call HUD and the police on me. They do not want to communicate with me any longer. Where does this leave me?  

Because of AB 1482 passing in 2019, I am not going to be able to give these tenants notice to move out. So now I am being held hostage. I have to provide housing and services to people who are threatening me. I now do not feel safe going to my own apartments.

Do these laws sound reasonable? Stop dictating to landlords how they should run their businesses. The atmosphere for landlords was extremely difficult before Covid, and now it is just plain impossible.

                                                                                        Sincerely, Monica G.