hand writing with a pen SOLD … BUT THANK YOU AOA!  

Dear AOA:

  • Your magazine was perfect.
  • Your forms were up to date and were just absolutely wonderful.  
  • The membership was well worth the dues that I paid. 
  • I enjoyed the magazine. It’s fantastic.
  • When I sold the building, I told the new owner to join AOA.  

                                      Gary B.


Dear AOA:

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I want to bring to your attention that I have had several contacts with one of your outstanding advisors.  Her name is Maria and she is kind, sweet, has lots of knowledge and is willing to go the extra mile to help us as members. I truly appreciate her so much.  The world needs more people like her. Thanks so much!    Connie O.



Dear AOA:

It’s noble that state and local lawmakers have enacted an eviction moratorium to keep the most vulnerable people housed during the pandemic. But the unintended consequence of a blanket moratorium, without making tenants prove whether they were affected by COVID, is that tenants are taking advantage of landlords and the public.

My tenants in Los Angeles, CA, a co-living home, have stopped paying rent because there is no consequence for failing to do so. 

  • Tashawn bought a car instead of paying rent in January 2021. She’s been in arrears ever since. 
  • Robert, who stopped paying rent in April 2021, claims to work 70-hour weeks. 
  • Ronnie complained that porch pirates stole $450 boots he ordered online. He stopped paying rent in June 2021.
  • Howard, who hasn’t paid rent since April 2020, posts numerous commercials he performed in on Facebook. 
  • Stewart, who hasn’t paid rent since June 2020, flaunted his world travels on Facebook. He said he couldn’t find a job because of the pandemic when he got laid off in summer 2020. So how does he have money to travel to France, Guatemala, San Francisco, and numerous national parks around the country?

Tashawn and Robert have high-demand, full-time jobs as armed security officers yet they expect the state rental assistance program to pay their rent. Ronnie, Howard and Stewart have no incentive to get jobs because unemployment covers their living expenses given that their biggest expense, rent, has been and will be free for the foreseeable future. 

Meanwhile, businesses are desperate to find workers. They are raising wages, giving signing bonuses, paying tuition, and other perks to attract workers. The number of unfilled jobs across the country are at an all-time high.

I don’t want to be a landlord anymore. I want out. But I can’t sell my building with delinquent tenants that will never move given the LA city eviction moratorium has no end in sight. Yet, I still have to do repairs, mow the lawn, pay the SCEP fees, (which were increased this summer) the property taxes and insurance. How is this not modern-day slavery?   Ky T.



Hello Ms. Yahya:

I want to express my enjoyment and appreciation reading your monthly essay in the AOA magazine. Your essays are well researched and very informative. My wife enjoys reading the essays as well. Please keep up the good work.   Harald & Emily G.

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