hand writing with a pen THANK YOU, AOA! 

Dear AOA:

[Membership in AOA] is the best thing that we have.  We get the newsletter, the application, seminars and everything and love Dan and now the messages from the son (Jeff).  We keep updated with everything and we are very appreciative.     Pirhiya G.       


Dear AOA:

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I found per Google a place where I could send this to Santa Ana City Council via the web. I sent this. I also sent the flyer which is on page four of the AOA website. I made some changes on this and sent it with the flyer to all six of the city council members and the Mayor.

Tell Dan and everyone, “Thanks for encouraging us to take action rather than complaining and doing nothing.” It took hours for me to do this.   Yet, I feel GREAT!  Thanks for everything!

Here’s what I wrote:  I have a rental property built before 1995.  We had other jobs and worked weekends on the apartment.   We did without vacations so we could make the payments and get it ready for a tenant.  We didn’t eat out.  We ate a lot of beans and potato soup which my husband called “bum soup.”  It was made with water, potatoes and onions!!!  

I object to you deciding what amount I can get for the rent.   According to Google, the inflation rate as of the end of September of this year was 5.39%!!  I am sure it is higher for California.  Yet, you want me to only increase my rent by 3%!!  An apartment was vacant for over 1.5 years because I couldn’t find someone who I considered a good tenant.  Someone who is a good tenant means less problems (costs) for all your city services!!    

How dare you single out one profession to be responsible for the fact that some people don’t pay their rent. You increase my property taxes, yet you decrease the amount of income I get and have!  

Why not require other businesses, (i.e., grocery stores, Home Depot, restaurants, McDonald’s, etc.), to give 40% of their prices or require all residents to pay for this program?   Do you think any business would not seek payment if they received a check that bounced?   

By adopting the rent control laws, you are costing Santa Ana taxpayers millions annually to implement them! That will increase the property taxes.  What right do you have to tell me what attorney I must use to evict a tenant for criminal activity on my property?   How dare you discriminate against housing providers!         AOA Member

Mr. Faller:

I always look forward to your monthly magazine, especially the column by Klarise Yahya.  Her recent piece on Alexander Hamilton taught me a lot, even though I am an ex-economics professor and history buff.  What she did not mention about Hamilton’s valuable service to George Washington and the nation before, during, and after the Revolutionary War was his remarkable self-education at such a young age.  In the final battle of the war in 1781 at Yorktown, he was only 24 years old!  His reading and intellectual growth was acquired on his own and without formal college attendance.  If only some of today’s college students would abandon the indoctrination of prestigious degrees and acquire knowledge, wisdom, and skills on their own.    Bob Spaulding


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