This article was posted on Saturday, Sep 15, 2012

Dear AOA:

I am a 69 year-old woman who owns rental property and works part time. I totally agree with Alec Bernstein and Larry Schwimmer’s observations in their letters to the editor.  Your name-calling is offensive and in addition your reasoning lacks logic and you cherry pick facts. 
Just for example, you related that a system of mandated health care would lead us into a totalitarian political system similar to North Korea. You failed to mention that 33 democratic countries including Israel, Japan, Sweden, Great Briton and France have some form of universal health care without loss of freedom or fall into tyranny.
You also expressed concern about seniors being denied health services under universal health care. Could you explain to your readers how for-profit health care insurance companies protect seniors now?
Health insurance companies deny care based on pre-existing conditions, raise rates for seniors and those who become sick well beyond what ordinary people can afford and avoid providing preventative services. The USA spends more than any country in the world on health care but with reduced life expectancy and increased illness.  Maybe our insurance companies represent the true ˜death panels.’
You invite comments about Obama’s support of legalized marriage between homosexuals. Well, this old lesbian just says thank you President Obama for helping to legitimize the loving relationships of millions of gay and lesbian citizens and, of course, taxpayers.
Sincerely – R.  Hurvitz

Dear Ms. Hurvitz:

1.    Well, I’m only 76 years old, own rental property and work full time because I love serving people just like you.
2.    My reasoning lacks logic?  That’s possible!
3.    Democratic countries?  America is a republic “ big difference.
4.    Does somebody really think you don’t lose freedom under universal health care?  Wow!  The court ruled that it’s not just universal health care anyway “ it’s a big tax increase.
5.    Yes, you are certainly welcome to thank President Obama for what he has done for gay and lesbian citizens.
6.    Realizing that forcing the insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions is very popular with people who do not own an insurance company “ will our readers please respond to this:  Is any apartment owner out there willing to accept a tenant with a pre-existing condition of evictions and a FICO score of 200? Hey, everybody has to have a place to live “ why not your place?
7.    Please send in your response “ we’ll probably reprint it.  Just remember that 90% of this great magazine is dedicated to money-making and saving ideas.  Your letters about religion and politics are also appreciated and add a little spice for some of our readers.  Skip this stuff if it’s not for you “ the glass is much more than half full!
Dan Faller

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