This article was posted on Sunday, Sep 01, 2013

Dear Mr. Faller:

We hope this Email finds you well and ending a wonderful week.

It is not often that we send complimentary letters, however, we thought it important to let you know the excellent advice and customer service we received this morning from Rebecca in yourSan Fernando Valleyoffice.  Not only was Rebecca knowledgeable but she took the extra time to answer our questions and also make sure we understood our rights and out tenant’s rights.  We utilize our AOA membership often and always receive courteous and solid advice however, Rebecca really “took it up a notch” this morning.

Thank you for providing such a valuable resource (and helpful people such as Rebecca) for our industry Mr. Faller.

PS:  Thank you for never taking God out of the equation as well.  We are happy to see you and many of your speakers put Him first.   Warmest regards,

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Duke & Lori Sterling, GrandView Property Management LLC 

Dear Mr. Faller:

Please extend my thanks and appreciation toMarilyn.  While I have been an AOA member for some time, I called last month for the first time and spoke to Marilyn.  She was very patient, pleasant and knowledgeable.  I was so impressed that I recommended to a friend that she join AOA immediately.  You are aware of the challenges landlords face.  You must also know that when we have a problem, it is so reassuring to know that there is a kind listener and someone to give accurate advice at AOA.

Marilyn is, indeed, an asset to your organization  Thank Marilynand thank you for the work that you do.                                                                        Sincerely,  Gladys C.

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