This article was posted on Tuesday, Feb 01, 2022




Mayor and City Council:

We watch in horror as you blindly put Santa Ana in the dark hole of rent control!  You are giving a private subsidy (property owners pay?) to the many for the needs of a few!

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Are mobile home owners with homes ranging in the thousands up to over $4000,000 needy?  Most all of the people demanding a handout have been prequalified to financially afford their chosen housing form in Santa Ana.  Why do they need help?

Can you run the City of Santa Ana on 80% of the CPI?  Of course, not!  We share the same financial burden.  You are advancing the city to become a controlled slum!  Look at what happened to New York and Detroit after years of rent control.  Further, how are you going to explain why we can’t get ride of bad tenants to our good tenants.  They deserve better!!  Yes, your action to appease those that do not have need will come to bite you.  There are other ways to help the needy.  Help those that truly have need.  A sad day for Santa Ana.

                                                                                                          Ed E.

Mayor and City Council:

As a long-time Santa Ana resident, I am against rent control.  Our properties need to be maintained.  Work on the homeless issue instead.  I’m tired of them stealing, breaking into yards, cars and homes.  Your values are confused.                          Andrea F.


To Whom it May Concern:

I am a small landlord in Orange County with a total of 11 units.  Most of my tenants have been with me for 25 years.  I actually have one unit rented to a baby that was born to one of my tenants 22 years ago.  I think that speaks to my fair treatment of my tenants and the satisfaction level that my tenants have with me – staying for all these years.

That said, I am convinced that this is a bad step for the City of Santa Ana.  California already has some very stringent rent control measures in place.

I know that many of you campaign with rent control as part of your plan, but there has to be a more reasonable way to implement it.  As it is, I urge you to vote NO on the existing proposal.

                                                                             Best regards, Olaf


Dear Elected Politicians:

I have never written such a letter before but I now feel it is my duty.  I am a small apartment owner, therefore that is my special interest.  I am an immigrant, as many are.  I am also a U.S. citizen and have voted every time; I really love this country and am very sad about things today.  Our constitution, the 4th Amendment gives equal to all people in the United States.  Property owners have civil rights also.  Rent control is actually “illegal”, however; what you have been telling tenants that they do not have to pay rent is criminal!  

Apartment owners are not always well to do.  Some of us have made great sacrifices in order to purchase and keep a property.  People have not lost their investments because they could not make their mortgage payments and others.  Why?  Because you shamelessly took away their means to survive.  California used to be the best state in the country.  Everyone wanted to come here from all over the world.  What have you done?  Over, over-regulating!  Small business have moved to other states where governments do not treat them as though they were enemies to be punished.

In 1953, when I first moved here, everyone had a job that wanted one.  Anyone could get an education who worked for it – as opposed to those who don’t want to work or get a higher education.  Then, when they are not qualified, it’s up to taxpayers to foot the bill.  I never saw a single homeless person anywhere and I do not know exactly what the solution for poor people is, but I blame you – our elected people, for all of the problems that we now have.

                                            Thank you for reading, Cilgia H.


Dear AOA:

As a small landlord under LA City rent control since, 2012, two of my three tenants are still paying only about half of what their fair market value rent should be.  A recent water bill I received was 25% higher than previous months.  Increased costs cannot be passed on because of the L.A. city coronavirus rent moratorium.  With regard to the coronavirus, I think it’s logical to say the virus and its variants are here to stay, just like the annual flu.

We, as a country, are adapting and getting used to coping with this new reality.  Meanwhile, water bills, gas bills, property taxes and household and yard expenses continue to rise.  Landlords are now certainly the victims in that tat the must pay these extra costs without relief to adjust rents to meet the increased costs.

I am requesting AOA’s assistance to highlight in your magazine/media this injustice and bring some measure of equity for suffering landlords.  I know it’s not popular, but it’s now time to raise the red flag about this issue.  As a senior citizen on fixed income, I haven’t felt this helpless in a long time.  Thank you. Robert M., AOA Member



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