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In these days, it is so rare to be able to say, “My membership fees are worth every cent. Thanks for the great service.”  Marilyn’s constant, patient, well-informed responses to my questions for a rent controlled building are a huge help.     All the best, Sharon T.

I’ve been a member of AOA for a number of years and have profited from reading the articles and gained from information shared, in the monthly AOA News and Buyer’s Guide.  As might be expected, many times the contributors’ entries only reinforce my understanding but more often they are instructive, with material of benefit to me.
I’ve come to search out Klarise Yahya’s articles first, finding her choice of topics and the clarity with which she expands on them, to often be of particular interest to me.   Thank you for including her perspectives in your publication. As the result of my introduction to her articles, I made contact with Klarise regarding my need to refinance a 100 unit (senior, subsidized) apartment property. After discussions, she became my mortgage broker, helped prepare a comprehensive loan application package and shopped it to several potential lenders.  Last week, we closed on a relatively seemless, $3M (very favorable interest rate) refinance transaction.  In the process, I was introduced to a very skilled team that achieved great results.
I want to say that information gleaned from the AOA News and Buyer’s Guide has significantly broadened my general understanding and was instrumental in introducing someone to me who turned out to be a fine mortgage broker, teacher and advocate.  I look forward to each new issue!       Sincerely, AOA Member

Dear AOA:
I just wanted to take a moment to commend Dave from the Compliance Department for his service.  I recently experienced the enviable problem of having three different applicants for a single vacancy and had not yet registered with AOA for tenant screening services.
Despite being advised that it might take 24 to 48 hours to process my application, Dave took the time to answer several questions and promised to process my application as soon as those already filed were processed.  He also took the time to call me and confirm  receiving the application and let me know he anticipated being able to process the application the same day.  He quickly followed up with another call to let me know one item was missing from the application.  Once that was provided, my approval came through promptly.
I just want to take this opportunity to thank Dave for his efforts on my behalf.  As I am unaware of the structure of your organization, can you please ensure that anyone to whom this message might be relevant sees my show of appreciation.    Thank you,  Matt W.

Dear Mr. Faller:
I also agree with Alec Bernstein, Larry Schwimmer and R. Huritz.  I read your articles with a sense of humor.  I am a retired teacher who is also a property owner/manager.  I don’t think you were listening in your high school government class when the teacher explained that a democracy was a government in which the people were given a voice to participate in the government and a republic was a government in which the people were given that choice through an elected representative.
Neither of these forms of government have anything to do with the mean-spirited and selfish attitude we are hearing from your magazine.  Don’t you realize that the success of the middle class brings better tenants to our doors?
National health care benefits all of us because our tenants are not spending their rent money on health care and preventative health care benefits all members of society.   I don’t feel the least bit sorry for any insurance company.
I am also supporting Obama for President.  He has done a remarkable job considering that he has inherited a mess from our former president, including two costly wars, and has had to work with obstructionist members of Congress.       Sincerely,  G. Carlson

Dan’s Note: Thanks you, Mr. Carlson, for teaching our members the difference between a republic and a democracy.  The problem is that most teachers do not teach that a pure democracy eventually leads to mob rule.  Then, as you know, the mob votes themselves free everything and the whole country goes down the tubes!  You know this is true because you studied History in high school.
Yes, AOA is all for the success of our tenants.   You should attend our seminar on “How to Maximize Your Success”.  We specifically cover the success of our tenants.  (This is a subject they don’t teach in most schools.)
You’re right about the insurance companies and not feeling sorry for them!  They lobbied to get this socialist health care passed and will make all kinds of money as a result!  They are going to take that money from successful people like you and other housing providers.
I, too, would support Obama if I believed that you weren’t responsible for you own success as a teacher and housing provider.  As you know, he made the statement about people who are in business and successful.  Also, I believed in the redistribution of wealth and such things as rent control, (i.e. tenant welfare).
Please know that it is not “mean-spirited and selfish” to support the idea that individual responsibility that was supported by our founders and was an ingredient necessary for America to become one of the greatest nations the world has ever known with the highest standard of living ever.  Our poor live better than most others in the world now and from the beginning of time.  By the way, that standard of living has done down during the past four years with debt and unemployment at an unreal level.  As promised, “Change Has Come”!
Wake up folks, this is what he and most other politicians support – both democrats and republicans!  While I certainly will not vote for Mr. Obama, I do predict that he will win and really mess things up for the next four years!

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