This article was posted on Sunday, Jun 01, 2014

Dear AOA: 

Can I join to receive the magazine with helpful articles, legal columns and ads of income property for sale if I disagree with Dan’s political slant? I like Obama, I don’t feel hysteria over huge property tax increases and think our nation is better off since 2009. I’m put off by the political slant but it’s a great magazine otherwise.   Larry 

Dear Larry:

Great question – yes, you can! I assume that a big percent of our readers do not agree with out anti-forced, re-distribute the wealth approach to government. We just have to take a position against such welfare programs as rent control and all others that progressives support. Since President Obama is a progressive, a lot of what he does is going to be the opposite of our capitalistic beliefs.

You are to be congratulated for being able to take the good and throw out what you consider the bad! We welcome you as a new member.    Dan Faller 

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An Open Letter to the United States Attorney and AOA 

Dear Sir:

This is my request that you proceed to investigate an entity which advertises on the internet and offers to create and supply custom-made documents which are, in actuality, forgeries.

These custom-made forgeries can then be placed into Inter-State Commerce for use in furtherance of a scheme for the use of these forged documents by the purchasers, the individuals who fraudulently supply and send them to unsuspecting housing providers and lenders in an attempt to establish credit, to which they are not entitled.

Currently listed on Craigslist / Los Angeles are multiple ads under the heading of “Housing Available” showing an entity soliciting orders for the creation and sale to individuals custom-made payroll check stubs containing false and untrue financial data and false information. These forged payroll check stubs can enter Inter-State Commerce and be used thereafter in the commission of deliberate and intentional fraud on unsuspecting housing providers and financial lenders who can and will be seriously misled by the false information contained in them.

One of these ads, published on the internet, states that several hundreds of persons had been customers of the entity!

Please investigate and proceed to enjoin this conduct ASAP!        AOA Member


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