This article was posted on Friday, May 01, 2015

Dear AOA:

I just want to get a note to Dan Faller about the article titled Overreaching Regulators are Squeezing Liberty Out of Existence” that he put in the October Tri-County edition. I really appreciate the author Richard W. Rahn’s content, and Dan’s editorial note that followed. It’s nice to know that somebody understands. The politicians and those vast numbers of “re-distribution of wealth” people that put them into office certainly are misguided.    Richard B. 

Dear Mr. Faller:

Thank you for pioneering the world’s most valuable apartment owner’s resource. I look forwarding to reading AOA News every month.

I recently visited friends and family in San Francisco and you would not believe who is now fighting against rent control. Tenants! The rent control establishment is fighting against investors who want to build more housing in San Francisco, which would increase supply and naturally lower rent. However, if there was enough housing in San Francisco then there wouldn’t be a need for artificial rent controls. The rent control establishment wants housing to be scarce, so that it continues to be a powerful lobbying force. The San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation is made up of renters and they are fighting vehemently against rent control lobbyists to allow for new housing developments in S.F. I urge your readers to go to to learn more and support their cause.     Sincerely, Matthew Simmons 

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Dear AOA:

I just read the February issue of the AOA News, which I do every month. One of the areas of property management we are constantly emphasizing and training our people on relates to Fair Housing. That is such a hot button in the industry these days.

I am constantly exposing our team to training programs, regulations and seminars regarding Fair Housing. I want you to know I really appreciated seeing your Fair Housing Test on page 40. I would like to see such a test in every issue of the AOA News. It would be a helpful tool in continually putting before our managers the importance of “know the law” relative to Fair Housing issues. Many of the regulations are clear cut, but circumstances arise which sometimes fall in between the cracks. Knowing the basic principles of Fair Housing regulations and taking the conservative approach as necessary helps keep us all free from Fair Housing complaints —which no one wants. So, for what is worth, it would be great to have a Fair Housing test in every issue. Thanks for listening or reading.    Carl S.       

Dear AOA:

Please let your readers know that I recently purchased 30 of the Kidde Smoke Alarm – Model   i12010S and they are continually chirping after installation.  The instructions indicate a low battery life?

I am returning them and putting the ones with a 9V battery back. Please start an information log for other property owners.  If you hear any solution, please let me know. Thank you for your time, I love the AOA.       Martin E.