This article was posted on Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear AOA:
Thank you so much for sending this alert.  I did receive quite a few emails from outside USA when I put ad for rent on Craiglist.  Most of the cases were that they had business here and needed to come to the US and wanted to rent my property. Then they asked for my banking information to deposit funds!  I never gave them my banking information; instead I sent the application asking for their credit info for screening purposes. 100% never respond.  The applicants should provide credit info – not the owner. 
The case you sent in your email alert seemed different then having a phony agent contacting owners and give fake checks as the security deposit.  Normally, I request a Cashier’s Check.   Thank you for sharing.   Edmond L.

Dear AOA:
There is someone by the name of FRESH START HOUSING who continues to have prospective tenants call me.  I finally (after many months of trying) obtained a phone number of. 562-912-7800, location, Atlanta & Artesia.  I have been unable to contact them…..sounds like a scam operation.      Ida

Dear AOA:
I put an ad on Craigslist and have received numerous scams responses from the UK. They are saying that they are being relocated by their company and need a rental place for one to two years. They have a family to make it sound legit mentioning how many they are of their group and that they are willing to send the rent and security deposit.
I guess on the latter part will ask for my bank account or the same story you shared that they are willing to cancel for finding something else better to rent.  They say that they are professional, careered people such as Doctors. Can you believe it?
I emailed back saying  I believe you are a scam artist and to stop for I have received many of the same emails from the UK and that I will report them and alert all rental companies and agencies. They no longer responded nor even questioned me.
Unfortunately, Craigslist has no contact info; how unprofessional of their businesses.  If you have access to alert them please do so to stop these crooks from overseas. Thank you,  Members of AOA,  Nenette and Elisa S.

Dear AOA:
I thank you for this alert.  With the bad economy, I’ve had a lot if trouble with evictions, people who lost their jobs , vandalism, and just plain, outright hostility when I’ve tried to “work” with tenants to avoid eviction – even one who stole a stainless stove/fridge, and washer/dryer!!!!  It’s been a very rough two plus years.  Thanks again, Dennis C.,  AOA member for more than a decade now.

Dear AOA:
There are also scammers from Nigeria who claim they are in the UK and ask for full information about the rental. Then they will send a check from a bank in Philadelphia for more than the rent and deposit and ask you to send them the balance since their employer gave them extra cash as per diem. I contacted the bank who is legit and they informed me of this scam.   George V.

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Dear AOA:
Thank you for your alert!  I also found out that at least half of the replies I am getting for my Craigslist ads are phony, with a lot of them coming supposedly from abroad. In addition, people seem to just joke around or are lonely when they reply to an ad.   Regards, G. Schmidt

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