Dear AOA:

We continue to find membership with AOA invaluable and want to thank so many of you in your valley office these many years.  Specifically, Marilyn has always been fantastic as has Karen, Toni and Shelly – thank you all again.  Good service should always be commended as well.  Regards, John B. Patton

Dear Mr. Daniel Faller,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your input and article on behalf of your organization in backing Bill Hooey on his investigation and articles of the corrupt LAHD.

For 27 years going back to even the CRA agencies and being in a boundary of the CRA in Boyle Heights, we, as landlords, have been abused and misguided, by the inspectors of the LAHD, SCEP and  by never, never being heard by our representatives. Even when Nick Pacheco was Council representative and Antonio came in and were told of the corruption and the kick backs these inspectors were receiving did they do anything.

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They destroyed our spirit; friends of mine lost their apartment buildings due to the process of this corrupt agency – the LAHD of the City of Los Angeles. We are going back 25 years since REAP AND SCEP became the agency of shameful corruption.  Shame on the Mayor Antonio Villariagosa of this eloquent city because he used me and my friends and our community to get elected knowing what REAP was doing – even before he became Mayor. Shame on the City Council – for years, we complained about their illegal and abusive treatment on us. The money – thousands of dollars we have spent on evictions. Tenants with illegal activity who were destroying our properties, threatening our lives were rewarded by corrupt judges with money just to have them relocated and evicted. I cried last night as I came across your article.

I obtained knowledge from your seminars on how to invest.  As an apartment owner of almost 30 years, I hope something gets done. Our property rights have being destroyed and violated by a corrupt system created by the Los Angeles City Council and legislative representatives of our communities of the State of California. As a naturalized citizen believing in the American system and the rule of law, I never thought I would run into such injustice. I could go on. But today – this is the best news I could have read. My tears are still falling from my face as I write this memo to you. My father and grandfather always said. “Invest in property, because you can see it, touch it, you know what color it is and if it falls, you can always pick it up.  It does not float in the stock market –  land is the value.” Maybe my husband and I can rest and wake up and finally enjoy our investments and hard work.

Thank you, Bill Hooey for being persistent and going before the City Council many times to get attention. I am behind Bill Hooey and our Coalition and I know that we are going to make a BIGGGG change as to how the City Council of Los Angeles is held accountable of its LAHD Department and its abuse and corruption. Mercedes Marquez needs to be investigated going back to the early year of 2003. Shame on Antonio for bringing her back!

           Thank you and thank you again – Yolanda.

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