This article was posted on Sunday, Sep 01, 2019

The Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance became effective on August 1, 2019. Landlords who own any multi-family residential rental housing in buildings consisting of at least four residential housing units are required to pay relocation assistance to tenants in the following cases:

  • A tenant receives notice of rent increases totaling 10% or more in any 12-month period.
  • A tenant receives notice to vacate due to landlord rehabilitating tenant’s unit.
  • A tenant in “good standing” receives notice to vacate for any reason. “Good standing” means that the tenant:
  • Has resided in the unit for one year or more.
  • Is current in payment of rent and not in violation of lease.
  • Has not damaged the unit, interfered with other tenants, or used the property for an unlawful purpose.


Landlords are exempt from relocation assistance requirements in the below cases:

  • Landlord owns only one building of exactly four units in the City of Long Beach.
  • A landlord occupies a unit in the building as their primary residence.
  • A landlord issues a notice to vacate for a landlord or immediate family member of the landlord to occupy the unit.
  • A landlord is recovering possession to comply with a government order to vacate due to natural disaster. 
  • The unit is an income-restricted affordable housing unit. 
  • The unit was built after February 1, 1995.

Relocation Payments

Below are the relocation fees for 2019.  Please note that these are updated annually.

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Studios:  $2,706.00

One Bedroom:  $3,325.00

Two Bedroom:  $4,185.00

Three or More Bedrooms:  $4,500.00

If a relocation payment is triggered by a tenant leaving due to a 10% or greater increase in rent, then the tenant must notify the landlord of their intent to stay in the unit at the increased rent within 14 days. If tenant does not notify landlord that they will remain, tenant must vacate the unit and the landlord must pay the first half of the required relocation assistance within 24 days of the receipt of the initial notice by the tenant, and the remaining half of the relocation assistance within five days of the tenant moving out.

If the relocation payment is required due to rehabilitation of the tenant’s unit, or in the case of a tenant in good standing being given a notice of non-renewal or notice to vacate by the landlord, then the landlord must pay the first half of the required relocation assistance within 10 days of the notice and the remaining half within five days of the tenant moving out.

Required Forms

Landlords are required to complete forms electronically through the city’s web site.  The three forms are:

  • Landlord Notice to City of Intent to Vacate Entire Building
  • Notice to Tenants
  • Landlord Notice to City of Payment of Relocation Assistance

The full ordinance, more information and REQUIRED FORMS with instructions can be found at  Questions may be directed to (562) 570-5237.