This article was posted on Friday, Jun 01, 2018

Trade Show a Huge Success!

Our “Million Dollar” Trade Show and Landlording Conference last month was a huge success!  You should have been there!  Our members were more educated, motivated and stimulated by some very knowledgeable speakers who helped give them that one idea that will help them make and keep more money than ever!  Some even walked away with valuable prizes given away at every seminar!  WOW!  Where else could you possibly spend a more profitable day? 

There was no place in the world like the Long Beach Convention Center on Tuesday, May 15th!  Our members really know how to take advantage each year of this incredible source of information and…it was all free!  It’s just one of the many services we provide for our members in addition to the lowest membership dues and credit check fees as well as the best service in town!

Many thanks go to our dynamic speakersEviction Attorney Dennis Block, Foreclosure Specialist Bruce Norris of the Norris Group, Attorney Steven Kellman,, Tax Lien Specialist Wayne Gray, Asset Protection Specialist Dale West, Tax Specialist Karla Dennis, Stock Market Specialist Chris Briggs and Nick Sidoti -“Dr. Cash Flow” They provided the most powerful and contemporary information on wealth-building and apartment landlording that you’ll ever be able to find.

Our thanks also go to our large variety of exhibitors and their commitment to our members in offering the best possible professional assortment of services.  Be sure to see highlights of the show and photos included in this issue.

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And … a very special thanks goes to you, our members, who truly are the essence of our trade show success!  Your generosity to our Union Rescue Mission Canned Goods Drive was greatly appreciated.  Thank you!  And your thirst for knowledge in your pursuit of excellence is a driving force in the betterment of our industry!  A thousand thanks….and we’ll see you at our next trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center in October!

It pays and saves you big just to be an AOA member.  BUT…it pays and saves even more for those owners who turn up every year to discover new ideas at the Big Show!


Orange County Favors “Tenant Welfare”


Yes, you read it right – the most conservative county in the state would side with tenants!  The Orange County Register reported that a “chapman” survey found that 59% of Orange County residents favor rent control while only 41% are opposed!  Now if they vote this way in Orange County, what can we expect the rest of California voters to do?


How Will Californians Vote?

The renter organizations think they know and they could be right … unless you do something to stop them from stealing your property.  And they have a plan to do just that!  It’s called “The Affordable Housing Act”, which is an initiative to allow the destruction of Costa-Hawkins.  Costa-Hawkins protects your right to charge a fair market rent when a unit is vacated.  It seems that they want to destroy the rental housing market!


Who Pays for “Affordable Housing”?

These “give me something for nothing” renters have a deep belief that they have a basic human right to be housed by people like you who can afford to own housing that you do not personally occupy.    It matters not to them that you sacrificed and worked your tail off to be able to have enough resources to be a housing provider.  They expect you to pay!


They Want Your Building

One major tenant leader had this to say to one of our AOA members: “When we get through with you, someday apartment owners are going to beg us to take their buildings”.  That’s how serious they are and they are coming after us on several fronts.  Since 2016, seven bay area cities were forced to vote on rent control.  This year alone, new petition drives have been announced in Santa Ana, Long Beach, Glendale, National City, Pacifica, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Pomona, Inglewood, and Pasadena.  All this in addition to their “Affordable Housing Act” initiative! There’s more to come and your city could be next.


Write a Tenant Letter

The following article was written by attorney and housing provider Michael Millman:  

Friends: Below is a draft letter for tenants.  Over the last 10 years, my good friend Arnie Corlin has consistently suggested that we need to have direct contact with our “customers” (tenants).  I believe our friends in Berkeley, San Francisco, Long Beach, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills should get a copy of this letter.  Clearly, it can be modified, revised, and polished.  Do what you need to do it.  Get it to as many housing providers as possible so that they too will consider writing their tenants.


Dear Friends:

A small group of eviction activists and attorneys produced and developed a misleading housing initiative entitled “The Affordable Housing Act”, designed to eliminate and repeal protections afforded to condominiums, single family owners, small family rental units, granny flats, and newly constructed low-income rental units.  It seeks to repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Fair Housing Act.

Rent Control in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, San Francisco, and West Hollywood permits and promotes that when a “rental unit” becomes VACANT, the owner may, at their discretion, “offer” the rental unit for re-rent at “…..prevailing market rates……”

This is the system that has been employed in California for over 20 years.  It allows the new tenant to underwrite and subsidize the operating expenses of the rental property so as to not place an undue “financial burden” upon the existing older TENANTS.  The Federal Government has a Section 8 program that allows “rent burdened” tenants to obtain a subsidy.

A small group of tenant/eviction attorneys wants to eliminate this PROTECTION.  They want all single family homes, condominiums, accessory dwelling units, and new construction to be under a huge, monster bureaucracy known as “Rent Control Bureau.”  This would kill jobs and housing.  VOTE NO: AFFORDABLE HOUSING ACT

Thank you for your consideration,



Your Support is Necessary!

Folks, the above letter is a great idea and we have to do even more if we are going to defeat these free-loading tenant organizations!  That’s why you will find a donation form in this publication.  It takes money to advertise our cause and/or to file lawsuits.  Don’t sit back and expect the “big guys” or someone else to relieve you of your responsibility to join this fight to protect your property.  You are the “someone else” that you and others wish would pay to protect your property rights.  Please support your industry by sending in a large donation today and thank you!